not to rain on anyone’s parade but, this seems dangerously close to idea plagiarism.

granted the design is different, but the title and theme, same. i mean that shirt’s been on for well over 6 years!
how did nobody notice?

And SF. Looks like the Transamerica building in the midle there.

Congratulations No1.

The sequence and de novo assembly of the giant panda genome | Nature or doggies, apparently !

Congrats on the print, no1 !

The designs are nothing alike other than a big panda.

I love it! I haven’t a bought a woot tee in ages. Just bought this one. :slight_smile:

Well that one definitely has a more “Tiananmen”-y vibe to it. No harm, no run over by tank.

causing destruction

It’s a pretty specific concept. To say they’re NOTHING ALIKE when the major themes are the same is ridiculous.

And that doesn’t even touch on the fact that the artwork is incredibly bland, while the coloring will make this completely unreadable on asphalt.

cute enough to get for my 2yo. bad ass enough to buy one for myself.

Honestly, this entire derby could’ve been much better…especially given the topic.

It began as a virus that spread through the remote forests of China, and soon became…a Panda-emic!

This shirt obviously pandaered to voters.

I have to admit I was not expecting this to place first. Good job on the sneaky 1st place No1 and you thought you would fall out of the fog! Congratulations!

Looks like a baby panda, clumsily plodding over our country’s notable feats of architecture.

So I think “in for one” goes without saying.

…but I said it anyway.

cloud city’s about to get crushed…

Is it just me or do people see more than the panda? like a skull, two people holding hands, etc…

i think im going crazy XD

Will I get caught by cops wearing this in Seattle? (Im an Asian)
hmmm maybe just to Chinatown for dimsum, then I’ll be cool.

Good catch, I bet there has never been a visual play on words with pandas and pandemonium prior to the design you’re referencing.

Sometimes when people report a shirt as plagiarized , they are almost exactly the same.

If someone said draw a panda in a war situation, you might have come up with these two shirts. But the style is completely different.

The theme is somewhat alike.

As for the artwork, it is a cartoon. It is not pretending to be a great work of art.

Hopefully it will print well.