Pandigital 12" Digital Picture Frame

Don’t be expecting to get a replacement from Pandigital if you receive a DOA.

And don’t expect this thing to work. Mine was a Christmas gift and stopped working about 10 minutes after I finished loading 100 pictures on it. I wonder why they’re going out of business…

If it’s DOA, contact

Wifi/Blu-tooth is through a USB dongle that is only sold by Pandigital and is impossible to find. Won’t work with just any wifi dongle. DOA problems aside for the price…nice pic frame.

I have the opposite story. I have 2, one 12" and one smaller one and they have worked fine. They were new purchases however, so I cannot speak to the refurbished ones.

I have a small one - 4" x 3" image size - given to me new, and it has been working fine for at least a year. Took a while to figure out remote, menus, loading photos, but is doable. I wonder about refurb, too, on anything.

I looked around and think the answer is no - but could you please tell me: Can this be charged and run without being plugged in? All I need is an hour, but won’t have plug-in access…

Ordered this during the wootoff on Tuesday, received it on Thursday. FAST! Works fine, looks great, no complaints. Well, the battery in the remote was DOA, but that’s a minor issue I’m not worried about.