Pandigital 600dpi Hand Wand Scanners

If you have a smart phone with a camera, why would you need this gadget?

Three reasons:

  1. At the maximum document size, you’re looking at a much more detailed (and less external light influenced) image, without any distortion (or random shadows, etc).
  2. Not everyone has their phone handy, and not all phone cameras are alike.
  3. This would seem a bit more convenient to scan some things over trying to line up a photo with your phone.

Not to mention price… I might just get one for the novelty aspect at only $13 plus shipping!

These are very handy for individuals with learning disabilities and/or fine motor skill challenges. My son has Asperger’s Syndrome and dysgraphia, along with several other issues. Taking notes in class is virtually impossible for him. He managed through high school with accommodations, but college was kicking his butt. Although Disability Services is occasionally able to provide some help, it just isn’t enough. Audio recordings of a class don’t work for him, either. We stumbled on the idea of buying him a wand scanner last year. He can usually find a classmate who is willing to stay a minute after class to allow him to scan their notes. Easy-peasy!

Note: If you’ve never used one of these, you need to practice a bit to get the timing right in order to get a clear scan. Once you’ve figured that out they are really easy to use and produce a much better document than a cell phone photo or scan.

Here’s a review. I double-checked the model number and they seem to match.

Mixed reviews on Amazon but it’s also a lot cheaper. I’ve been wanting to go paperless. I think I will give this a try.

And how nice to have such a great schoolmate!

Because some people need the higher quality scanners provide.

I’m in for one even though I KNOW that a flatbed scanner is better. But there are times when I see something nutty in a magazine ad and want to copy it and am too lazy to get out the flatbed.

anyone else get one that was missing the Micro SD card?

Double check all that packaging. See if it’s already installed in the wand.

If no luck, please email for assistance. Include your Woot username and order number for faster service.

Anyone getting the E03 error code saying the SD card is full? Have tried formatting the card but still getting the same E03 error.

I was in for 2. I opened mine up and charged it. It works amazingly well for a $13 scanner. That was a gamble that paid off!

Anyone else not get the PageManager software that’s supposed to be on the memory card? My memory card appeared to be sealed at it’s respective factory, no files on it.