Pandigital 600dpi Hand Wand Scanners

Does this roll on top of paper or does it feed through a slot on the bottom?

You roll this on top of the image, page, book, etc.

I bougth it the last time this was posted and does not work at all.

It works well enough. I have a slightly different model. The trick is to move it slow and steady. Not good for art but great if you’re just needing to scan some quick text or the like. Will be great soon to record all the hand written notes on my uncle’s family tree collection.

Define “not at all.” Can’t offer advice until you are more specific.
No power? Not recognized by PC?

BTW, Pandigital is belly-up, so don’t expect help there!

I bought this on a previous sale and have had no problems whatsoever with it. It scans documents easily and isn’t difficult to operate.