Pandigital Photolink One-Touch Photo Scanner

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Pandigital Photolink One-Touch Photo Scanner
$39.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Pandigital PANSCN02 Photolink Scanner - USB, 5 in 1 Memory Card Reader, 512MB SD Memory Card

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I’ll be the first to say that it looks pretty cool from my perspective. If I tell you to buy it, maybe Woot will VIP status me on shipping for life like Zappos





A review…

I just received the much more expensive BulletScan I ordered from Woot.

I wonder if this may be better.

Product Website

Since when is 2.1 megapixels ultra high resolution?

512 MB SD card? What, is it 2002 again where this was A LOT of storage?

This may sound silly, but how well does a scanner like this work with drawings and sketches? Is is unwise to use it to scan such things, or will it work just as well with that as it will with photos?

I just bought it… I need to scan a bunch of photos for my brother’s wedding slides… its all bs… but this will make it a hundred times easier with all my mom and dad’s 35mm photos that we have moving boxes full of at home.

This thing is well liked by the what I have read, and also it is rated as one of the best photo scanners made specifically for easy fast scanning. What could be better.

Here is a demo video from an actual person:

Now if only woot could do like a large SD card for like $5 or even just throw one in for me… PLEASE

I’ve had this for many months and used it several times. Once in a while I have rescan a picture because lines show up, but over all it’s a nice little scanner.

I paid probably twice Woot’s price too…Thinking about picking another one up, at this price, why not?

I’ve got one of these, all of the pictures I scan have these scan lines on them. Just a streak or two right across the image like an old fax machine sometimes does. I’ve followed their procedures to clean and recalibrate and it does not help. I’ve done a lot of searching to see if I could find a solution online and it seems that it is a common problem with no solution.

Good reviews over at Amazon. A couple realistic trouble reviews, but most of them are good. Product also has a fantastic description and sells for twice the price there.

Looks like a good deal for those with lots of old photos!

Any way to hack it to get it to scan 4x7 photos? All of my hardcopy photos are from the brief period of time when Advantix was king, so I have albums of prints in 4x7 format.

I’m in for three. 1 for me and the others are some more Christmas shopping getting done. :slight_smile:

Wow…ironic. So I ordered this last weekend on Amazon (exact model) for $80 and spent all of today using it on over 600 pictures from my grandma’s old shoebox (Christmas gift for the family will be photo CDs of this).

A few things:

  1. Most reviews on Amazon indicates it fails over time and starts putting white lines on your photos. I’ve seen it on a few photos but at random and really maybe only one in 30 or so. Just rescan.

2)It was very fast at first…it has slowed down. It mysteriously gives me errors now that say there is a paper jam (there isn’t) and I have to wait anywhere between 3-30 seconds between photos for this to clear. But that said…see next comment.

  1. It comes with this seemingly ridiculous little sleeve that you’re supposed to put the photos in. Most of the reviews on Amazon said you don’t need it. Admittedly it is very nicely satisfying to slide your photos through without it. BUT DON’T DO IT! I noticed now that all the people complaining of problems are the same people who said they didn’t need the sleeve. Best as I can tell using it without the sleeve basically just gunks it up. Plus the sleeve has a calibration thingy on the front. At this point (see previous point) about the only way I can guarantee I won’t get the paper jam error 80% of the time is to use the sleeve though I didn’t for the first 300 or so photos. (With the sleeve it is maybe 10-15%)

  2. It comes with little cheesy cleaning accessories. I’m kind of grossed out though that my photos were getting that much dirt/ink in it that I can actually see the cleaning accessories turning grey (see again on why you should use the sleeve).

  3. I am concerned that there are no replacement cleaning accessories and more importantly NO replacement sleeves. So I guess don’t wreck these. The sleeve bothers me the most because mine quickly gets grubby with fingerprints (you can clean it, but still) and has enough static cling that I keep having to pull hairs out to keep them from scanning too. I am scared of what happens if I scratch it. Also if the sleeve gets grubby this might further gunk up the machine.

  4. The literature indicates the sleeve is to protect your photos. Of all the photos I scanned without it, not a single one got damaged.

  5. The quality of the photos is actually really nice. The color and detail are at least as good as the photos themselves even on the old and fading ones (seriously some of these are from the 1930s)

  6. You can’t scan polaroids (too thick) or newspaper clippings (too thin/delicate). [edit: I actually just realized…you could scan in newspaper photos IF you used the sleeve :p]

  7. Even with the problems that are currently occurring it’s still much faster than my HP flatbed scanner for this task because you can’t usually scan in photos anyway without putting them in one by one and then you have to crop them.

  8. I don’t know what algorithm it uses to crop, but it does a great job! It even manages with the decorative edge photos (like the ones from the 40s-50s). Very little extra black or cut off white parts.

  9. It works on really little photos (1" x 1") all the way up to 4"x6". Actually…you can do much longer photos as long as they fit since it will keep feeding them and scan the whole.

  10. you have to wait until the motor finishes to feed in the next photos. Otherwise sometimes it creates an image with both of them.

  11. The picture files are reasonable sized .jpgs that are very easy to find on the SD card and transfer to your computer. I haven’t used the USB part, but meh…I have a card reader so who cares?

  12. Overall, I felt like I did enough research to find out that there really aren’t much better options out there (at least based on reviews it seems like all the problems this one has are echoed by similar problems or worse on other offerings by other companies unless you start looking at the professional ones in the $300-$600 range which did not suit my needs), and while I find the paper jam error as annoying as F*@#$, I’m still glad I bought this (though sad I paid so much now that woot has it this cheap) because it’s still saving me SOOOO much time over using my flatbed and then having to crop down each image by hand.

  13. I feel this is great if you want the ability to do it every now in then or have a project of about 400 or so photos. More than that and this may start having issues (I wonder if I’d used the sleeve from the beginning if it would have been so bad?) But this is not something you can use if you have several thousand photos or want to start your own digital conversion business.

Yes. You can go longer just fine (I’ve scanned in several “strings” of photos up to 9" long or so). You just can’t go over the 4" dimension because the feeder tray won’t take it.