Pandigital Photolink One-Touch Photo Scanner



So now I can scan the pictures I take…great

I got this last time. I LOVE THIS but I won’t buy another if I can’t solve the white lines issues. ruins an otherwise AWESOME unit!

what crapola


Got this last time, works great and is really easy (my parents can do it).

next woot please


This is probably a good investment for someone who has a large stock of printed images especially the fact that it can directly save to an SD card which can then be transferred to a digital picture frame. I wonder if there is any control over the resolution of scanned images

Edit: Memory card is a joke though at 512MB

Wait, are we reversing technology? From a digital camera to this?

Product: 1 Pandigital PANSCN02 Photolink Scanner - USB, 5 in 1 Memory Card Reader, 512MB SD Memory Card

Condition: New

Price:$34.99 $5shipping

I would love to get this for my mother, as she has about a hundred million pictures that need to be scanned onto the computer. But…a lot of them are bigger than 4x6. Darn. : (

Why are you sniffing coke off your photo scanner?

Next is probably Christmas cards so you can send the scans of the pictures of the knives you bought.

White lines in the picture or a border?

Do explain, please.

got one last time. Okay device, especially at that price.

seriously please stop…that is so dumb