Pandigital Photolink Scanner w/ Card Reader

Can anyone attest to it’s scan quality?

Have one. Like it. Buy it.

Whoops…I just paid $35 on :frowning:

Business cards? Does anyone use business cards anymore?

Great for the scrap booker in your life.

This is a good one. If all of your photos aren’t already digital.
{covering up} lol my age is SHOWING!

Yes, those of us with j-o-b-s

In general, roller scanners suck. I have one built into a photo frame, and unless kept really clean, lines appear on the scans. Note the “accessory” cleaning swab, which should be a warning.

Buy a cheap flat bed scanner and you will be a LOT happier. Canon makes some with LED lighting that are powered by the USB cord. Trust me, you will be happier. And, if super cheap, check Goodwill stores for discarded ones, but be sure they at least support XP and have USB connections. I have that Canon one that I found for $7.00.