Pandora's Box

I dunno if woot’s writers were having a hard time with the Artist Bio or not, butt it sure does not lend a helping hand in deciding weather or not I want to sit here on my butt until 10PM to read the stinking Artist Bios anymore!

Fridays are hard for everyone.

Love the color scheme and color of shirt combo! Nice job!

Do the designers pick the color of the shirt, too???

Congrats Fuacka! I was expecting either this one or Ochopika’s.

Great job with the characters. I can hear Pandora whispering “oh noes.” in whatever language Grecian pandas use nowadays.


I read it as Panda Ra’s box

At first I was going to ask why Pandora was a panda, but then I realized it was a play on words/sounds. But still, it looks a little strange to me, given that Pandora’s Box is a Greek myth (if I recall).

Nice one! :slight_smile:

Darn it! Here I thought I was gonna get away with not really really really really wanting to buy any of the shirts from this derby. I LOVE Greek mythology. Thanks a lot patrickspens :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I love that panda’s “oh my gosh!” face. I think that really pulls the whole shirt together.

I thought it was a racoon – panda makes much more sense!

What a brilliant idea.

So cute! I didn’t notice it was a panda at first, because I’m in love with greek mythology… but the panda +_+
So … tempted… to buy one… >w<

Fuaka ftw! Congrats! And it’s a sweet shirt, very cool lighting and a really fun layout.

I imagine it was a tough choice for Patrick this week. Maaany great entries.


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Here on Veterans day we should all take the time to thank our Vets. Your dedication and sacrifice, some the supreme sacrifice has and continues to insure all Americans live free.

Veterans, Thank You from not only America, but all the Fee World as well.


HEY! I just realized my user name was censored! WTF?!



It is not censored, it is just too long to fit.

Hi everyone!
Thank you very much for your support.
Thanks to Patrickspens for choosing my design.
And thank you so much for everyone who buy this shirt.