Pandora's Box


Only a rare genius could have come up with it. :wink:




If patrickspens says its good, then it must be good.


Not so. It’s only 4 more letters and there are other users with the same amount of letters whose user name is not shortened.


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Pan (and pun) dorable. Coloring sets a great sense of mood (and potential doom).


Ramy and Patrick onto the Raritees list? In back-to-back weeks?

What next, Housewarming Gifts reprinting? :slight_smile:

Edit: Issue one: NO. Issue two: YES.


This wasn’t a Patrick shirt, it was just chosen by Patrick. Unless you’re talking about something else.
And housewarming gifts…ISWYDT


Ha! You are so correct. My apologies to Patrick and to fuacka for my confusion!