PANDORA Ribbons of Love Stud Earrings

PANDORA Ribbons of Love Stud Earrings

Do these come in the official Pandora packaging?? The review on Amazon suggested they were just in a plain, generic envelope… thanks!

Hi there – it comes in original Pandora packaging as well as a certificate of authentication.

Thanks ThunderThighs! Wondering if you’re assigned to my account or if you’re just the only one working there now!!?? You’re the only one there that ever answers my questions!!

TT is all powerful, always hovering overhead to lend a hand to the helpless Wooters? Wooties? Wootnesses? Wooties? darn it, no clue, those of us shopping on Woot

I am the lone moderator and have been for a couple years except when the wonder @manlapig covers for me when I take time off.

Kick @ss!! Do they at least let you work from home now??

TT - I am curious: How does one go about becoming a Woot forum moderator? Were you a Woot employee, pre Amazon? Are you technically an Amazon employee? These are the things that weigh on my mind during the Covid Apocalypse.

Not trying to pry, just wondering…

@Wooter825352529 Yes, we’ve been working from home since about mid March. To be honest though, I miss the people and pups. :sob: :dog2:

@Wooter825352529 Good questions. I’ve been a customer since 2006. Was asked to be a volunteer moderator in about 2008. Then hired on 2009. I’m a Woot employee but yeah, checks come via Amazon as do many other things.

Hey, it’s all good to me - I would hope the “other things” are very beneficial, considering the vastness of the empire. You have been an employee for quite a while and that speaks highly of yourself and the company (as positive things about companies are usually vastly underreported in the news/social media/etc.). For the most part, I have found that what makes or breaks my “enjoyment” of a workplace is my actual coworkers vs the overall perception of a company. I have worked for companies that look terrific in the news, but have horrible internal culture and companies that are viewed negatively in the public’s eye, but treated their employees like royalty.

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