Panoramic National Park Photography

What makes Acadia worth a $20 premium over the others?

Ummm, because it’s first? Thanks for the catch, I updated the price to be inline with the other offers.

Great shots, but why isn’t there one of the Adirondacks??

I apologize we couldn’t get all parks listed, we were trying to offer a good mix of shots so there was something for everyone but there are just so many to choose from. Also a common misperception is that while absolutely gorgeous, the Adirondacks are not technically a National Park, but we weren’t totally married to that theme.

Hi! I am Matt by the way from UltraMurals. I will be monitoring the message boards over the next 3 days and will be happy to answer any questions you may have. These are actually some of the best looking canvases we have produced, they look GREAT and we are happy to be able to offer the through woot!

The one labeled “Glacier Lake” is actually Saint Mary Lake, inside Glacier National Park. I was a bit confused at first because I couldn’t figure out what the heck Glacier Lake was, and we spent a week there on vacation (it’s gorgeous, go now before the glaciers are gone).

So close and yet . . . Sorry guys, I was hoping for the Grand Tetons. I mean you were in Yellowstone.

America the beautiful.

Sorry, you are right, this was in an attempt to reference that it was in Glacier National Park. I have been there myself and it is truly incredible. A must see for everyone.

the “North Cascades” one is Mt. Shuksan :slight_smile:

The Yellowstone Lake pic looks more like Sylvan Lake in Yellowstone Park.

Hi fellow Wooters.

Im trying to decide if this is actually a good deal…Been looking online at comparables that are full price, but im having trouble finding anything.

Any of you know more, or are more knowledgeable on this market, and if these prices are actually very good? Much appreciated :slight_smile:

Your 48"x18" murals are usually $80.18… Why is this such a deal?

Never mind thats additional to a base price, damn design.

Very well could be, the title there is for a description as unfortunately I do not have the exact name of the lake available.

Yeah, looks like the famous photo op at Picture Lake… just without the lake. I’m considering it… I miss my old adopted hometown.

Not only is the art vastly superior, but it’ll actually appreciate in value and doubles as an investment piece on top of something stunning to look at.

These are excellent pieces at a very good price, and I don’t think anyone will find something of equal quality in a local store at even double these prices. As for the notion that any printed photograph will be collectible or appreciate in value, that’s nonsense unless it’s by Ansel Adams or Annie Leibovitz. Those Rodney Lough photographs recommended above are going to be very expensive, and they are horribly oversaturated to the point of being cartoonish. I would rather have something with realistic colors hanging on my wall than a print with day glow colors.

I do have a specific question for Matt. I have done some commercial inkjet printing on canvas, and I know that it’s not very difficult or complicated. However, I also know that it’s especially important for the longevity of the piece to have a clear protective coating sprayed over the ink, because it won’t be behind glass. This is true no matter what type of pigment based archival ink you are using. The product I used was made by Clearstar in Charleston, SC.

So the question is, do you apply a clear UV protective coating to your pieces after printing?

Any idea where the Rocky Mountains picture comes from? Would make a difference.

beautiful images, but since we are adding locations, the gooseneck image is not in the grand canyon. it’s from Gooseneck State Park in southern Utah. I have been there and it’s an awesome location, however not connected to the Grand Canyon.