Panoramic National Park Photography

Matt, would you happen to know which valley is pictured in the Glacier Valley piece?

It’s a view of the Two Medicine valley, on the east side of the park. The photo is taken from the hillside above Upper Two Medicine lake, and you can see Two Medicine and Lower Two Medicine lakes in the background. I am local and this area is one of our favorite spots to camp, paddle & hike. Also great for picking huckleberries, but there are MANY bears in the area.

I was wondering this as well

Thanks. I haven’t been to Two Medicine, but my Dad has and I was thinking of getting this for him.

Gosh I really wish I had a better answer for you but I cannot from my information determine an exact location. We license a lot of these images and I only have certain info available to me. I will try and dig further but so far I only have been able to get the general info.

Great question, we actually use two different printers for these prints as we find that particular images pop and look better on specific machines. The protective coat we use is a product called timeless from breathing color. It was tricky at first but over time we developed a really good method after testing many spray guns that lays down a seamless protective coat that archival certified for over 100 years, or longer than any of us will be around to enjoy the art.

I believe that the image is from Toroweap Overlook, or at least that is the information I have. I am not an expert though. Check out this page as I believe this matches up with the image available.

Thanks Zippy!

It is also vastly (VASTLY) more expensive. For those of us who want cool scenery on our walls but don’t want to spend the price it would cost to go there and look at it in real life, these are a great deal.

This is just silly.

First of all, it’s not even possible to purchase photos from the website. You’re supposed to ‘call your favorite gallery’.

And second, a comparably-sized piece is multiple THOUSANDS of dollars.

Woot’s deal is 85 bucks.

If you’re going to offer alternatives, at least try to get in the same ballpark. This suggestion is not only not in the same ballpark, it’s not even the same sport.

These are national parks. That’s a state park.

I have fond memories of visiting the Smoky Mountains with my parents and grandparents and would have loved to get them a great panoramic print but your picture is a disappointment. I don’t understand how it is so underwhelming compared to the others.

I’ve been to 8 of these parks. Just visited the Badlands again two weeks ago.

Whilst it’s true I have a few pieces from there that ran in the 10 grand+ range, they do offer prints that are but a few hundred bucks. Is it still more than $89? Undoubtedly. But I’m certainly not telling people to go drop 5 G’s on a piece.

Wishing that the Yosemite photo had been taken on a day when the clouds weren’t obscuring Half Dome…

It might be kinda sad that I’m amused by the fact that shipping to Alaska is not available, and yet one of the photographs is from Alaska.

You can take the picture away from Alaska, but not send it back.

It looks pretty similar to Horseshoe Bend just south of Page, AZ. I could be wrong, though.

Correct, that image is of Horseshoe Bend, the other Grand Canyon shot is of Toroweap Overlook.

We chose something a bit different for that shot as we were trying to offer a wide array of images and have found that image to be a popular seller in the past. If we run a similar sale in the future I will do what I can to get a second option available.

I realize you can’t do every national park; However, how can you miss Crater Lake National Park in Oregon. Not only is it beautiful but it was the 2nd National Park designated by the United States, Yellowstone being the 1st.