Pantastic Nonstick-Cookware Set (7-Piece Set)

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Pantastic Nonstick-Cookware Set (7-Piece Set)
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Hahaha! Including the the recipe book as a piece!

As a chef for over 40 years, I can guarantee these pans will stick worse than any pan you’ve ever had !!

Well, this same collection is $129.99 on Amazon so the price is good, but the reviews are mediocre at 3.5 stars.

speaking as a professional, why do you say that. We have one and it never sticks- granted its been @ 9 months we have been cooking with it- I’m curious- could you elaborate?

Have you used them? (Being a chef for x years doesn’t automatically grant you knowledge about something.)

I just recently used my sister-in-law’s and the eggs and potatoes really didn’t stick at all. I have read reviews from some that after a while they start to stick.

Any insights would help as I’d like to get a set for my parent-in-laws as anything with a non-stick coating gets banged up and stripped off within months with them.

I bought the 6 piece frying pan set for about the same price back in the beginning of Dec. So far it’s been all that it claimed to be. Nothing sticks, heats evenly, cleans up easily and does a real good job. Although it claims that metal utensils are ok to use I haven’t used them on mine.

Will these work with an induction cooktop?

The text says

Which is confusing, a bit. I think they mean “induction compatible.” Unless the other pans will actually melt if you place them on an induction cooker. Some Amazon reviews for this setmention that only the squarish one works on an induction cooktop, and I don’t see any mention that the others will melt, explode, or send your dog hiding under the bed.

Do you stack them on top of each other? The concern is that the bottom of one pan can damage or remove whatever makes them non-stick from the other one.

I have not used this brand but have tried several other ceramic coated skillets. They all work perfectly for several months. I mean nothing sticks. Most of the positive web reviews are people who have been using them for a couple of months. Unfortunately, with extended use these pans become useless. Even using a LOT of oil they still stick. If you google ceramic pans sticking you will find tons of complaints and suggestions on how to alleviate the problem (none of which worked for me). For me, buying ceramic coated skillets means buying a basically disposable pan.

I was going to purchase these earlier, but the reviews on the net were/are horrible. Reviews say that after they seasoned them, they may work well for a while, then they start to stick even with added oil or spray. They also said that using metal, utensils scratch the surface. There were very few positive reviews. Go to the net and do your research first.

what do you recommend?

I have seen these being pitched on TV recently, by the guy who used to pretend to be a chef on ShobNBC, if anyone watched that. Now known as Evine. Anyhoo, when I see products pitched on TV (think pillows) I am always a bit skeptical. If you have to pitch them with hucksters on TV are they not good enough to sell in stores? I would expect these may work for light use, and also that they would not hold up as well as brands such as Calphalon or All Clad. As always, go in peace.

Bought these one of the times Woot sold them last year (2016) How good they worked for the cooks in my house (myself being one of them) depended what was being cooked in them. Eggs and meats stuck badly from day one, and never got any better with seasoning or time. Anything with a sauce or gravy does really well. We use the square pan as a fryer since we don’t fry that often this setup has worked well for us. Interesting that the instructions recommend not using oil (even olive) yet almost all of the recipes in the booklet call for some kind of oil. One big warning is that the bottoms of all the pans are very rough and We use a plastic packaging piece that came with them to line the inside of the next pan in the stack to keep them from being scratched. Also if you have a ceramic top or smooth cook top be EXTREMELY careful with moving the pan when using them as they have begun to leave scratches in the cook top. Circumstances were that I could not return them after I purchased all of the same pieces shown here, or I would have. As such I would never recommend these to anyone.

It does scratch the cook top very easily.

Have you actually used the product in a home environment?


AND it’s a downloadable PDF at that! You have to print it for the 7th piece!