Panther Creek Pinot Medley (6)

Oh boy… will we get tasting notes for all 6 wines together? :slight_smile:

Panther Creek Pinot Medley 6-Pack
$149.99 $̶2̶8̶0̶.̶0̶0̶ 46% off List Price
2009 Lazy River Vineyard Pinot Noir
2009 Ribbon Ridge Vineyard Pinot Noir
2009 Temperance Hill Vineyard Pinot Noir
2009 Freedom Hill Vineyard Pinot Noir
2009 Verde Vineyards Pinot Noir
2009 Reserve Pinot Noir
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Holy expensive Oregon Pinot batman.
This would blow my wine budget for several months and would love try this side by side but I think it’s not to be. @ 28.5 a bottle shipped to me it’s not quite in my price range for an unknown.

But if there are tarting notes to be left here please do so, we are eagerly awaiting hem.

An OR Pinot lover’s dream offer! All are 2009 vintage - was that a good year for OR Pinots?

Congrats on 100 quality posts! :wink:

Very interesting offer!!

Any golden tickets out there on this one?

I received a bottle of the 2009 Panther Creek Ribbon Ridge Pinot to taste. I just opened this bottle about 1 hour ago…
Here are my notes thus far;

PnP: Crimson color with a touch of brick hue. Medium color concentration; on the deeper side for a pinot.

Initial nose was very hot. Some cherry aromas were coming through though.

After just a few minutes the alcohol was already starting to subside on the nose. Picking up cherry, blackberry, sweet earth, dark chocolate and hibiscus flower.

Medium-light bodied on the palate. Flavors of cherry and blackberry carry to the palate. Cedar, cocoa and bing cherries on the finish.

30 minutes in: Alcohol is still present on the nose but is now at a much more acceptable level. After reading the winery tasting notes, I am now picking up the licorice note; funny how that works!

The palate is getting brighter, fuller and the flavors are coming through more cleanly. I am also just noticing how puckering the tannins are!

1 hour in: Alcohol is now less noticeable. Aromas are integrating well as are the flavors. The tannins are very fine but abundant. The finish is not too shabby at 25+ seconds

At this point I would definitely recommend decanting this particular wine for an hour+. The alcohol is way too hot at PnP and mutes much of the nuances. I would pair this wine with heavier pinot food; salmon, lamb and even leaner cuts of beef. Personally, I would age this bottle for a couple more years. I’m curious as to what the winery recommends regarding drinking window for this wine.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Panther Creek is one of our favorite wineries! What a delight when I saw it as a Wine woot deal!!

I could very much stand to add more pn to my cabinet, but I’m waiting for more notes/advice as to worthiness of this, especially since I’m pretty much broke for the next few months. We’re willing to go deeper in debt for good wine, but not for so-so wine.

Some winery background while waiting for tasting notes:

I did a tasting of Panther Creek when I was in OR in 2008. We enjoyed their PN’s. Due to space limits, I only bought one bottle, and that was Shea Vineyard, not one offered here.

I considered them a good example of OR Pinot Noir. I expect I will be ordering soon.

My recollection is that 2009 was indeed a very good year for OR Pinot. More lush and fruit forward than the 2008 vintage, but still having very good aging potential. The 2009 OR Pinot that I have tasted (Bergstrom, Eyrie, Patricia Green) were all very good and I am cellaring several bottles from that vintage.

Actually, 2009 was a tough year in OR. 2008 was a far better vintage. As with any vintage though, great wine can be made by the right hands.

Again, depending on the style and numbers of the 2009s you have bought YMMV in terms of cellaring.

I happened to have a bottle of the 09 Panther Creek Pinot Noir Temperance Hill and popped it on Sat night.

Once opened the aromatics are gorgeous, cherry earth forest floor flowers and pinot funk and no heat.

On the palate it is mostly cherry with maybe some plum flavors. The mid palate seemed kind of flat or hollow maybe a lack of acid or travel shock could be just a mild letdown after that gorgeous nose?? and the finish is medium. I would think that this bottle needs some time on it’s side to fully come together.

Overall it was good and a fair price I would buy this set if I did not have a huge purchase coming up later this week.

I find this to be an interesting bench mark for recent Oregon Pinot vintages, and 2009 looks fine:

Oregon Pinot Ratings

Really excited about this offer. a real opportunity on some single vineyard gems.

Interesting. I recall someone stating that Pinot Noir was more susceptible to travel shock than other wines. So very well could be an element of travel shock.

Hopefully we will get the winery on for some info