Panther Vision Powercap LED lighted Beanie

Questions: what type/style of batteries do they run on? (assuming it’s a ‘watch’ battery of some sort, approximate run times were given but no where did I see what specific batteries actually were).

Are they replaceable (the batteries) or is it a one and done type of product?

Does the product ship with batteries installed?

Thank you for your time and consideration with any response.

From what looks like the product page on Amazon:

Uses 4 replaceable Lithium batteries 2.7 Watts (included).

I see Navy pictured, but no way to select it in the drop down. Is it available?

Not at this time. Sorry.

Limited to a purchase of three? I need four the fam…sad face…

Oh snap… I upped the purchase limit to 4 just for you!!!

Any chance you can add the olive cap to my order from yesterday? That $5 shipping fee is a killer.