Pantone Colors with Manga Studio 5?

Hey guys,I am pretty new to the technical side of design and this will be my first time submitting to Woot. Reading the submission specification it says that there is a 6 color limit and that we should use the Pantone Solid Coated color swatches. Well, I use manga studio 5 and it does not have Pantone colors. Do you think this will cause much issue is there anything I can do to try and match the colors as best I can? And if you have any other tips for a first timer feel free to send them my way.

Basically, I grabbed a picture with the Pantone color swatches and keep it open, picking my colors from there when I’m working on my design in MS5.

I do have Photoshop, though, for further editing and halftone conversion, but I more or less just manually pick my colors from a jpeg as I’m working to make sure everything looks okay.

Good suggestion, thank you!