Pantry Raid

Reviews on the taste of these goodies, entirely welcome! Also, advice on what you do when you get a food based ‘gift’ and end up not liking it.

Do mine eyes deceive me or is the Rancho Verde Salsa listed twice?

I have an open bottle of it in the fridge right now. It is a mild salsa with good but not overpowering flavor. I like it, but would use it to enhance something with compatible flavors, as it’s not really strong enough to stand alone in an otherwise plain dish.

I’m sort of interested in pie in a jar, because pie in a jar sounds both gross and somewhat appealing. But, wish you could taste test before buying! A sample in a jar.

Hope someone posts a review!

I too want to know about the pies in jar, so if you bought it in the last couple of offerings and have tried it, please let us know what you think! Thanks!

Ahhh… so it’s not just eating a pie in a jar. You actually have to make a pie, using it as filling (which you need to mix with other things). I think I’ll pass. I’d think a “pie in a jar” would be… open jar, eat pie.

Also, the description for the Chocolate Mud Pie says it has pecan halves in it. I hope that’s a mistake, since that sounds gross in mud pie!

"quirrel Brand "???

Is that French for large furry tree-climbing rodent or something like that?

Though I found what you were referring to, for faster fixing when reporting spelling errors, please include links! Much appreciated.

The blackberry pie in a jar looks interesting, but I’m curious about the inclusion of eggs for the mixing instructions. Can’t say I’ve ever made a berry pie with eggs in it. Also, no top crust on a berry pie? Hmmm…This must be something different. Perhaps some time of custardy blackberry pie?

I actually bought the Mud Pie in a jar last time this stuff was listed. It was really not very good. I took it to a party…not many people tried it because it doesn’t look very good (and yes, I made it EXACTLY like the directions state and I’m a pretty good baker), and those that did try it either didn’t say anything and threw a good part of the piece out, or said “wow, this is REALLY rich” (and threw a good part of the piece out). I took over half of it home. I tried it, and it had a wierd consistency…some of it was mooshy, some pieces in it were really chewy (like over caramelized?), and it was REALLY rich, like sickeningly so. And this coming from someone who loves chocolate, and pecans…so I thought it couldn’t go wrong. I wouldn’t recommend that one.

Not a mistake, it does have pecans in it.

Yes it is and Thank you for noticing - Our Pantry is really full!

Will these arrive in time for christmas?

Wait, it doesn’t even have an option for upgrading shipping?!

What happens at Goodnight-Loving Cattle Trail stays at Goodnight-Loving Cattle Trail

Good to know. It kind of wierds me out that three of the first four ingredients are sugar, with the other being water. But on the plus side, no trans fat!

Some of our items won’t have an upgraded shipping option.

Due to the variety of items, vendors, and shipping methods in our Plus deals, as well as the length of the sales, we’re unable to commit to Christmas delivery. It’s possible an item may arrive in time but I would strongly suggest you order sooner rather than later to give it a better chance. And consider upgraded shipping, if available.

Can the people see a gift-basket? Maybe a few of these, a few of those. Whad’ya say?

Somehow, I expected more females running around screaming… Oh, wait! you said PANTRY raid.


The Blackberry Pie page should reall contain a warning about the Pecans. Those are not normal in a blackberry pie, and some people are deathly allergic to them. I mean seriously, to warn about them in the pecan pie, but not the blackberry?

I almost bought the stuff for goodness sake! Of course, I am also not keen on corn syrup.

Good suggestion. I’ve passed it on. Thanks for taking the time to post it.