so i see the shirt thing is going well, will there ever be a love to see some tactical pants you can never find them at a good price and good quality.

Are you talking about American or British pants?

What are tactical British pants? Extra pockets for twigs and berries?

After checking wikipedia for the definition, I’m hoping he means US pants. Having them lined with teflon and using them to carry cuffs and a sidearm is a mental picture I’m not ready for.

Possibly for the best.

You never know.

Woot has sold socks.

Don’t forget the tactical kilt*:

While I’m not sure the market is ready for pants.woot, tactical pants would probably be a good fit on sport. Thanks for the suggestion!

(*British pants almost certainly not included, tactical or otherwise.)

You could always try using a shirt as pants. I’m sure Woot would be totally supportive of that.

Woot endorses going sans pants!

:omg: NEVER!

Hey, how you shop in the comfort of your own home isn’t for us to dictate. Just make sure the webcam is off.

I’m so tired of the pro pants lobby shoving their agenda down my throats. First, it’s the constant, “Sir, we said you can’t come back here unless you put on some pants.” Now, it’s on Woot, too. Unreal.