Papa Bert's World Famous Sippin' Seat

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Papa Bert’s World Famous Sippin’ Seat
$19.99 + $5 Standard OR $8 Two-Day OR $11 One-Day Shipping
Condition: New

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This was the end last time; all over?

There is something very, very wrong about this product.

I do need a new chair cushion for the office…

Ok. I hardly ever comment, but come on. Seriously? who wants to drink on water warmed up by their butt??? let the jokes about an enema attachment start in 3… 2… 1…

Woot, seriously? Drinking anything that has been sat on with the unwanted body-heat is just wrong.

ah, the old sippin’ seat. They have a lot of these. This must be the end of it.

Wiener Torque Fornication?

The writeup already made the colostomy joke.

Anyway, it’s not for water. It’s for smuggling booze into your favorite sports event.

You bring your adult beverage into the game in the seat, thus paying for itself after 2 beers.

Take that, AA!

Link to the manufacturer info:’-Seat/Papa-Bert-Stadium-Sippin’-Seat-Original.asp

39.99 List Price

I abandoned Woot a year or so ago because, well, it was all crap… guess what?
It still is all crap.

Did anyone follow Wootbot’s suggestion from the Halloween Woot-Off and use this item as a costume accessory for The Man Who Was So Thirsty He Drank His Own Butt?

How’s it better than a flask, or if you want something that holds 750 mL, one of those bags from inside the wine boxes?

Items like this are why I love woot. Random stuff that I’d never think to buy, but now absolutely need in my life. Enough with the tech deals, we want more random awesomeness!

Sometimes I dream that Woot will go too far and put up something so terrible that literally nobody will buy it, and the woot off just stalls. But this is already down to 65%, so I’m starting to think there really is no low

They say there is one born every minute…

If I really want to drink my favorite beverage this way. I can easily make my own Sippin’ Seat by putting a new Foley bag inside a cushion and drain the beverage out for the Foley tubing.