Papago Dashcams

Reviews from the Amazon jungle…

Papago 272

Papago 118

(Appears to be no reviews for the 118 model…)

Papago 520 (Ultra WHD)

Good reviews for the two that have reviews. Thinking of getting one myself. Any wooters have any experience or should I let this Papago dealgo?

What Memory cards DO work with the dash cam? Sandisk doesn’t, so what does? Also, with only a max of 32GB, at Full resolution, the memory will max after 10 minutes or so.

I’ve wanted to pick one of these up for a while. $15 savings just isn’t enough to motivate me.

While I have no experience in these dashcams, I do have 4x Mio 538/588 dashcams in my cars. Do a search for Mio Mivue 538 and you will get a lot of real world videos. IMO, 2K video for dashcam is overkill. Especially considering how much space is requires and the 32GB limitation. Of the 32GB capacity, only 20GB is usable. As the default partition will divide it amongst normal recording, emergency (shock/motion/sensor or manual triggered), photos, and parking (again, motion/shock sensor).

Sony, pny, transcend, Samsung, lexar… There’s quite a few brands. Usually it’s just the class of card versus the brand. So I’ve no idea what brand even has to do with the price of tea in China.

Also, these aren’t really meant to record one’s entire trip. Only if there’s an “event.” The event is recorded, saved and marked not to be deleted and then recording continues.

You probably shouldn’t need it on max settings either I would imagine. But the clarity is good. It’s one thing to be able to make out a license plate just barely. Quite another to be able to read the plate, make and model of the vehicle, and see the fly on their windshield… For me, being able to see the whole road and my side mirrors (I drive a semi.) is a must when looking at a playback. Anything under a 120 degree viewing angle, won’t do the job.

I’ve been in the market for one of these for a while now. Thinking of settling on the Garmin 10. Anyone happen to have experience with both brands?

I tried Garmin 20 when it was available at my local Costco. Compared to my Mio, it has better color accuracy and crispier HD video when the car is not moving. But once on the move, its video is much more shakier than Mio, which defeats the purpose of a dashcam. I returned it and kept my Mio.