PAPAGO! GoSafe 260 Mirror Mount Dashcam

Woot really has gone down hill over the years. this item is $99 everywhere. So woot, why buy it from you? amazon prime free shipping 2nd day and free returns. sometimes even same day or one hour delivery. even bhphoto thats known to overcharge is selling this for $99… cmon Woot! back in 2006 - 2008 you were awesome and now you are just blah!

Sorry!BUT I have to fully agree with the previous comment!-Ever since Woot joined?/was absorbed by/sold to one of the major online companies( Amazon?!? Prices are the same a d sometimes HIGHER than be found elsewhere!
It HAS to be said: Woot as we knew it is DEAD-I come here simply out of memories AND HABIT!! JohnH