PAPAGO! GoSafe 381 1080p Dashcam with Slide Out Screen

Papago dash cams are well-liked in Amazon reviews. Been considering one.

Note about the demo video on the front page: I do not believe that GPS location and Speed info at the bottom of the display is included on this model unless you buy the optional GPS module (out of stock and no indication whether it will be restocked on Amazon… About $40 on Amazon and $28 here on Woot.)

One of the reviews for that optional GPS module indicated it does not satellite-sync the clock. Accurate time could be critical when syncing footage to traffic cams or manufacturer black box event recorders.

BTW I wonder, what is the real world feature/capability difference between this GS-381 and the $10 less GS-200? (Could care less about the driver alert features.)

This model is an exclusive for Best Buy Canada. It’s a GS-200 with motion detect, stop and go, and driver fatigue warning added.

Why are so many things restricted from shipping to APO? Amazon ships all this stuff to APO just fine.

Sorry to disappoint. TT lays it out here.