PAPAGO! GoSafe 388 1080p Mini Dashcam

Just got my order cancelled. Looks like Woot! should be renamed Goof!

The product was in stock when I ordered, and then my order was cancelled. Not at all happy and probably the last time I trust Woot!

Ditto here, why did they cancel the orders

Woot F’d up the price I bet. 179.99 on Amazon.

Exactly! Rather than trying to honor it they just cancelled all our orders, sent us a $10 coupon and said oh well. Pretty sad. Why not just admit their mistake, meet the orders and allocate the cost internally? At least take care of the Wooters who have been around a long time as your customers.

for the higher end S30 - which I ordered:

my 3 have shipped
though I was first purchaser - kind of hard for them to say they were sold out to first customer.

Guessing the over sale was woot error in setup or the distributor found their actual stock was less than told woot.

Shipping from California not Woot TX