PAPAGO! GoSafe S30 1080p Mini Dashcam

What a crock w00t! I place my order at 10 a M and you say you soldout mid afternoon??? Then you cancel my order the next afternoon saying you still sold out and only offer me a $10 coupon? I think someone actually messed up on the ad .

Pretty sure Woot screwed up the price on this and is now shafting everyone saying they are “out of stock”

Either that or your inventory system just sucks.

Bunch of BS Woot.

Exactly! Rather than sell it to you as marked like any other retailer and honor the price Woot simply cancels orders and claims sold out.

I purchased one hours before the item was listed as “SOLD OUT” but my order was cancelled as well. It looks like some people got their orders for the other $35 Papago! cancelled, too. Very disappointing.

my 3 have shipped
though I was first purchaser - kind of hard for them to say they were sold out to first customer.

Guessing the over sale was woot error in setup or the distributor found their actual stock was less than told woot.

Shipping from California not Woot TX

I was lucky and got mine. Works great, and came with the GPS antenna. Its $180 without the antenna at newegg, if your interested.