Paraben's Photo Backup Stick

Paraben's Photo Backup Stick

Worked on my Windows 8 computer but not my Mac with OS 10.1 even though description said it was compatible with 10.1 and up.

I know nothing about this product, but is seems to be a generic USB memory stick bundled with some backup software. If so, this is not a great deal. A 256 thunb drive on the mother ship is only $35 and there are many free ways to “backup” your photos. The 256 version of this is selling for $89. So, $54 for some backup software.

Thanks, but no…


Just buy a thumb drive from anywhere and drag and drop your photos. Don’t buy this garbage.

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It says it eliminates duplicates. Will it eliminate/not back-up duplicates that are already on your hard drive?

Having taught some classes involving photos and computers, a LOT of people know absolutely NOTHING about file management. When they got a digital camera, it never occurred to them that they had to learn a darn thing about computers.

I wonder if you can buy the $9.99 one and copy the operating software to a much bigger drive? They may have encrypted it or something. Almost work $10 to find out.

Advertised as new. It obviously wasn’t. It was the stick by itself in the package. No adapters, paperwork or packaging. Haven’t had a chance to try it yet but very disappointed in the bait and switch.

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HI there. We moved these items from Amazon’s inventory. They should definitely be new.

If you’re unhappy though, reach out to Woot Customer Service. From a browser, use the Woot Customer Service form. In the Woot App, choose Account from the bottom navigation and then Support.

Wow. This response is HIGHLY disturbing. Really makes me wonder about Woot’s integrity.

Mine came with NO original packaging. It was clumsily wrapped in a plastic baggy with lots and lots of scotch tape. Clearly used. Then, when I plugged it in, I saw that the (proprietary) software (i.e., the whole point of buying this thing) was REMOVED! It was just a slow, cheaply made USB stick. I was so disturbed that, after not hearing back from Woot, I e-mailed my story to the manufacturer. Here was their stunning response:

Hi Jeff,

Thank you for contacting us. It has come to our attention that Woot sold counterfeit Photo Backup Sticks. These counterfeit products were sold without our permission and without our software on them. Your best option is to return it to Woot.

If you are interested in a legitimate Photo Backup Stick, once you have returned the counterfeit version, we will match the price you paid on Woot. If you are interested, please let me know.


Rob Schroader
Photo Backup Stick

Woot: you should not only be ashamed of yourselves for pulling this crap, but I am simply stunned at the lie being told on here trying to cover it up. Disgusting.

So can we all buy from from Rob at woot’s price?

Maybe. If Woot scammed you on this. E-mail him on He was really cool to me.

I just cannot believe that Woot: 1) DID this; and 2) Are lying about it.

Both are so bad. How can we ever trust them after this?

REAL STICK. Paraben’s WITH the apostrophe.

FAKE STICK. “Paraben s”.

One more thing. Just because you got a stick with an apostrophe doesn’t mean yours is not counterfeit. It probably IS counterfeit. It’s just that the counterfeiters remembered to put the paraben’s apostrophe into all colors except the orange one. It’s just the proof that these WERE counterfeited.

Further proof (in addition to the e-mail i pasted above from the company) can be seen on Paraben’s amazon page where ALL of their products (including the Orange one) have the apostrophe:

I think it’s overly harsh to say Woot scammed you. My guess is it was a vendor. Yes, Woot is ultimately responsible for what they sell, but I’m pretty sure they didn’t set out to screw people over. That would be incredibly stupid for a business to do.

Contact Woot’s customer support and I’m sure they’ll deal with it. Give them a chance before you go throwing accusations around.

Amazon sold me a fake micro SD card once.

Responses like this really make me wonder. I simply cannot understand how anyone can defend Woot on this. Woot knows it was a scam because paraben already found out about the scam. Yet TT, above claims, even after hearing all of this, that the inventory was “definitely” new. That is NOT cool. You’re defending both ends of this reaks.

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Reeks of what? If you’re implying I’m some sort of Woot shill, think again. I’m just a customer. Have you contacted Woot’s customer service at all?

And I take offense to your saying I am “throwing accusations around.” That is simply a lie. I even pasted the e-mail DIRECTLY from Paraben that stated that Woot was selling this WITHOUT their permission and that they were aware these were counterfeits. That is not throwing around an accusation, that is a direct statement from the legitimate maker of these products.

Meanwhile, even after the scam is exposed, TT comes on here and says these were “definitely” new. And you defend this?

You clearly are not even reading anything I write, so let’s end this. So why are you fighting with me? My VERY FIRST POST says I contacted woot CS about the counterfeit scam and never heard back. Your advice to contact CS sounds like a CS rep, too. Misses the whole point that Woot is lying on this very thread about this sale. “Definitely” new.

Edit: after looking up your account I get it now. 558 likes from TT and numerous posts by you expressing that you are besties. At least be honest about where you are coming from. This was too obvious because to fight with me and defend what happened here is really, really not cool.