*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race

This is the link you click to buy this shirt after January 31st


im a fan. One for me


Nice design, but brown?


this design is very busy and very bright, plus i spent my monthly shirt.woot allotment of money for the next two months…but quite decent.


mix of colors and all the white doesn’t work for me on the brown. neat though.

oh, and woot: it’s “Filipino” NOT Phillipino

don’t you guys have spell check?


Too girly…


The design looks like its to big for the shirt.


I think I’ll get one. I like color.


Well, it’s better than yesterdays. At least this one is obviously trying to be frilly and artsy. And it’s colorful… I’m torn? Could go for one, or not…


i’m a little tired of brown…

but i still bought one. design is ill.


Its a nice design but i wouldnt wear it… Its just… weird IMO


7 colors? You are bold… but, are you daring?

Nice design overall, would have chosen a different shirt color to highlight the black a little more. Not going to be a shirt I purchase, but nice to see a seven color process being implemented for this shirt.


This is a pretty interesting design. Kudos to the designer for originality and interesting color choices. Now I just have to decide whether or not to buy it.




Country is Philippines (ph, two p’s). People from the Philippines are Filipino (f, one p) :slight_smile:


I agree with you Jaden. The brown doesn’t seem like the right choice for the boldness of the colors. I’m going to have to think about this…especially given that I want a couple potentially derby shirts.

But, I do like the artsy flare in this one too! Congratulations to the designer. Good luck!


Wow, very nice. Would prefer different shirt color but… wow… in for one +1


Fantastic… Another “classy” art school product.

sigh Why do I do this to myself?


Too much going on there. That & it’s a tad bit on the feminine side; least for me anyway. I’ll pass.


That IS intriguing. They -must- have known this when they printed it, right? Next derby could be interesting.

Sadly, though (or happily, I suppose, for my wallet) this ends an amazing streak for the dailies.