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Condition: Crappier than Ever


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Yay … and on a Friday !

OMG, I’ll never forget my first!

Thank you woot watcher! whoo hoooo

Holy crap, first BoC in a LONG time. Free shipping too? I’ll take it, little fun for the kids to open!

That was unexpected.

First timer here!!!

Well this was a surprise. Happy Friday the 13th!

ps. Got One! Woot Gods, be gentle!

my first BoC! 10 years I’ve been trying. Finally!

How did u get free shipping? I missed that.

Has there been a BOC on Lawn and Patio before? Curious what we might get.

NO! it’s not a full moon.
Sorry, amateur astronomer and this falsehood is driving me nuts.

Here I was just dissecting a garden gnome and wanted to refresh the page and poof…crap all over my screen.
And since no one was expecting it (Spanish inquisition anyone?) I even had time to enter my username/password.


camera straps…camera straps as far as the eye can see.

Nevermind, I clicked so fast I didn’t even see it included.

Do you think a rain barrel will fit in the bag. Make it happen woot!