Parducci Cabernet Sauvignon (5)

Parducci True Grit Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon 5-Pack
Sold by: Parducci Wine Cellars (Mendocino Wine Company)
$69.99 $170.00 59% off List Price
2014 True Grit Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon, Mendocino County

I happened to have a bottle of this, so I opened it tonight. It’s a fairly intense red, without a lot of edges, very pleasant to drink. Any wood, if there, is very faint. The abundant fruit more than overcomes the 14.5% alcohol. At 5/$69.99 I think it’s a good price. I’ll have to see how DW likes it; if she does, I’ll be in for one or two. (My cellar runneth over or I’d be in right now.)

Summer shipments to the Chicago area seem to be going well. It is handed over to FedEx in St. Louis and is delivered in two days, apparently without being baked.

Thank you all for showing interest in our 2014 True Grit Cabernet Sauvignon.
This vintage received a 91 point score AND the Cellar Selection award from the Wine Enthusiast!!

This wines pairs wonderfully with any red meats, roasted portobella mushrooms and pasta’s with a meat sauce.
These are some of our favorites but, this wine goes fabulous with any food or any occasion.
We hope that you enjoy!

Why is this not available in Ohio? I’ve bought other wine from wine.woot with no issue.

I found my own answer “It is based on volume. Any winery that makes over 250,000 gallons CANNOT direct ship to Ohio residents, but smaller wineries are allowed to. Several other laws like this have been overturned as invalid. In any case, for the time being you can at least direct ship in wines from those smaller wineries.”

No New Jersey again. Seems like only the wines that I’m not interested in ship to NJ.

I’ll second that! :frowning:

Hello Everyone,
This is the second vintage in a row of this wine to receive a 91 point score AND the Cellar Selection award from the Wine Enthusiast!!!

Can you provide us with any insights into the drinking window?

About five years. Depending on if it is stored properly up to seven years.