Parducci Petite Sirah (6)

I drank a bottle of the 2002 recently and my notes (from CT) are below. I should note that the description is in error - the 2002 is California appellation, not Mendocino. If the 2003/5 are as good as this, it’s an easy buy. I have a bottle of each of those to try as well, and will see if I can get notes on them before the sale is done.

Nose is mostly earth, funk, and hints of bramble. Possibly ever so slightly oxidized, but not distractingly so. Palate is in middle age, with significant tannin still present but it’s neither harsh nor bitter. It’s somewhat one-dimensional on opening, but the texture from the tannin adds in some complexity where the flavours are currently missing. The mid-palate is also lacking a bit. Finish is medium, and goes between plum, blackberry, and stems. Fades to anise and an herb I can’t place.

Over a couple hours it didn’t change much.

Overall a nice middle-aged PS.

Opened a bottle last week of the 02 PS, and very similar notes/experience to klezman, but the wine had an off smell and very iron/metallic taste to it. No improvement over two hours. This may be due to opening an older wine within 3-4 days of delivery and movement caused the off-ness. We did not open the other two vintages yet, so no notes. This is the first wine.woot purchase that we just didn’t really enjoy and didn’t finish the bottle. I really hope a little more time and settling is just the issue.