Parducci Petite Sirah Random Case

Here’s my comments from the last offer a few weeks ago.
I had one of the 2004’s break when I set it in my wine fridge (the end broke right off). Seems to me that something was off with the bottle for it to break pretty cleanly that way. (It led to me cleaning out the entire fridge…such a pain but overdue).

Got mine today. Interested to hear what others got.

2002 - 2 bottles
2004 - 7 bottles
2005 - 1 bottle
2006 - 2 bottles

Of the 2004, 6 bottles have the old style label (same style as the 2002). 1 has the newer label common to the 2005/2006.
I thought that was a bit odd.

Had a 2004. Just ok. Flavors are starting to drop off. Not as juicy or full bodied ad I’d expect. Tended more towards overripe, day old blackberry. Not bad, just ok.
Had it over the next two days (pumped close At night). Flavor held. Didn’t fall apart. Sign of good structure I suppose. Really day two/three were better than day one, but that isn’t saying much. A TON of sediment.