Pareto's Estate Eighty 20 Riesling (6)

Pareto’s Estate Eighty 20 Monterey Riesling 6-Pack
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2013 Pareto’s Estate Eighty20 Riesling, Estate Grown, Monterey

So far Scheid Family Wines has been offered three times.

Ranch 32 cab.
District 7 PN
8020 Riesling

Whats with the numeric (and very boring) naming convention and does the winery have any connection to Scheid vineyards? Who actually makes all these wines?

Other inquiring minds would like more info as well.

The Internets say that Scheid Vineyards is the trademark owner of “Pareto’s Estate” but the only ratings info I can find is on Vivino which isn’t the most informative system in the world…

Hey guys- Just shot WD an email to see if he’s got any further insight.

At least you can’t light your BBQ with it like yesterday’s offering.

The interwebz demand pictorial proof.
At best you could cause a flare up if poured over an already lit BBQ…

tried to get ahold of winery (yes Scheid). no luck on the Sunday after Christmas i’m afraid.

i can say that these are a vein offers that we are very happy about in terms of QPR. These wines are a great value at MSRP.