Paris Valley Road Cabernet Sauvignon (6)

Paris Valley Road Cabernet Sauvignon 6-Pack
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2012 Paris Valley Road Cabernet Sauvignon
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Is this label owned by sextant?

Not familiar with Paris Valley Road, Chalk Knoll or even the San Lucas AVA. Looks interesting though, here’s hoping somebody has some tasting notes to share…

Hmm, it does say “Sold by Sextant Wines” (queue the secondary fermentation comments) but the winery description makes it sound as though Paris Valley Road is an autonomous winery.

Hopefully they don’t crush and ferment in the same facilities…?

Digging the label…specs look promising. Wish there were some notes out there!

Once we get someone who has tasted this before, any note on the tannins? The description doesn’t mention them much.

Tis a mystery! Can’t find much out there. Saw one merchant selling by the case at $12.50/bottle. Other than that, no review/no mentions

I guess Brad Roberts must be out grinding on his skateboard. Me, I have to go shovel the driveway.

The monkey left this about 2 weeks ago and I had this last weekend. 1st off I Loved the label. now to the wine…
Did my normal 1st pour of about ½ glass, excellent color, deep purple color, nice bouquet, held it up to the light it and can’t see through A good sign, 1st swig & swirl nice and not as dry as I have come to expect for a Cab, actually a little sweet, nice legs.
From what I found out this Cabernet Sauvignon is blended with Merlot , Cabernet Franc and Malbec. That could explain the “sweetness” in this wine. I did detect a hint of tabacco right away, but couldn’t put my thumb on the fruitness flavor, but it was definatly a little sweeter than I would expect a Cab to be, but like I said it’s a blend.
Let the bottle sit for about 1 & ½ hrs before I went back. Not a big change from the 1st pour. This is a pretty decent Cab,(blend) not in the Wellington class similar to Costero Bay Cabernet offered a few weeks back, but not as dry.
Thought the “retail price” was a bit high IMHO at $25 a bottle, I would put this right where it is at $15 a bottle

Hello Everyone and Happy Wine Friday!. We are excited to offer this great NEW Brand to all of you Wooters. Paris Valley Road is a Brand new Winery that just established in September 2014, launching a Cabernet and Chardonnay. This is not owned by Sextant or a second label of Sextant. Paris Valley Road was created for a specific family owned vineyard in San Ardo, Monterey. PVR is the exit off the 101 and road leading thru 330 acres of a family owned vineyard called Chalk Knoll. The label was designed with a French style package with new world juice. Please take advantage of this rad offer and enjoy! You can go to and see the tech sheets.

Thanks Brad

Thanks for the notes Fred.

CT - Paris Valley Road was created for a vineyard as I noted above. hope this helps. Sorry for the confusion all.

If helps, Bronze recognition at SF Chronicle competition.

Welcome and thank you for joining us!

Excellent work, killing the daily like you managed.

Huh? No entiendo

Hi brad, what’s the connection to sextant then? Are you operating under their business license? Are you married to a sextant? Do you wish you were a sextant?

Thanks Fred for your input, was the sweetness you described noticeable RS or sweet fruit?