Paris Valley Road Red Blend (6)

Paris Valley Road Red Blend 6-Pack
Sold by: Sextant Wines (RBZ Vineyards)
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2013 Paris Valley Road Founder’s Blend

Can anyone help me understand why none of the wines ship to Indiana? Just moved here from another state and it is putting a serious cramp in my wine woot habit… I can order wine using WTSO? What gives???
*and yes I looked it up, Indiana allows DTC wine delivery.

Great reviews on Invino

Mothership Lawyers.

From Wine Enthusiast, fwiw :wink:

Paris Valley Road Cellars 2013 Founder’s Red 86 Points

Crushed oregano, red currant and a little bit of asphalt show on the shy nose of this wine that is sourced mainly from southern Monterey County. There is lots of brick, thyme and rosemary on the palate, with a bit of dried berry fruit.
Price $14 Date Published 12/31/2015

invino or vivino?


What, you never lick asphalt?

And a hint of a robot’s bath water?

Finally, a wine for my insatiable taste for asphalt!

I may just purchase to satisfy my curiosity.

not much activity for what seems to be a solid wine. nice review from another source:

still on the fence, though.
not any more, in for 1

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it’s june 4th and this still hasn’t shipped. so much for woot’s delivery estimates (5/31-6/6). shoulda stayed on the fence…oh well