ParkerVision SignalMax Wireless Networking Kit


[imgleft][/imgleft] ParkerVision SignalMax Wireless Networking Kit - Wednesday, November 02, 2005
Item qty: 500, Last Order: 11:32 AM CST, Wooter to blame: theemios
Order Pace: 1m 23.131s, Woot Wage: $3,463.99/hour.


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hey all you wooters from murdaville! Hows you is? Wells isa fine. thanksa for asking. great woot tonight. Im going to go in on one with my nephew camody. Well, hes not really my nephew , hes my sisters foster kid. hes a great kid. Well, anyway, i love getting a post on the first page. Thanks woot for all the good deals. can you type as fast me? woot woot spend some loot


WOOTHOUSE PART DEUX ™ - More part of the nefarious plan by Mr. Rutledge to have his robosapien army take over while we are sleep deprived so he can Take the oval office. We’re on to you!! [;)]

ParkerVision SignalMax Wireless Networking Kit $79.99 + $5 shipping

Best froogle prices -

SignalMax WR1500 - $39
SignalMax WLAN1500 $21 (ea) * 4 = $84
SignalMax USB1500 - $28 (ea) * 2 = 56
TOTAL FROOGLE PRICE (without shipping) - $179!!!

Here are some reviews:

SignalMax WR1500 REVIEW LINK




Woot a wonderful world! - Wouie Armstrong

yeah yeah yeah, but will it filter that annoying spamming biblebeater so I don’t have to see his posts? if it can do that I’ll buy TEN of them. since I don’t live in a cornfield, but do live on a hilltop, wonder what my effective range would be?

Here’s some reviews…


woot a great one. I’m all ova this one jus like im ova you m


Great woot…if you have several laptops or work for yourself as a computer consultant. Good night all.


If there is anyone that has personal experience with this working well through walls please let me know!

How about the b speed?


Tomorrow’s Woot: A 4-pack of InFocus laptop computers.

With the Matrix collection, of course.


hahahahahahahah good job not getting your spam on the top


wait! does this mean 802.11b or g? it says adapter at b speeds…so this is slower than the g?



ewww. 802.11b


it’s called copy and paste, but nice try


Pretty good woot, would’ve came to use two years ago.



Too bad its B, but sweet deal for a set like this!


I hope my neighbors buy one…


ParkerVision is an excellent system. My sister has this set up and it works great! If you are in a house that is less than ten thousand feet, you should be ok.


excellent woot. hmmmm… wonder how much these are on the market?


I DONT NEED IT THOUGH!!! :frowning: