Parolu Mia Lingvon


#2*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race

Available here tomorrow


Snap, burned. Nice one, Adder…

Can’t say I understand the shirt…


i think i will pass, never been a big fan of Spanglish


And my boss and I was just having a conversation about Esperanto. Oddly compelled to pick it up just so I could go to work with it on one day…


Awww, crap. Adder beat me again.

This shirt is…odd. I might like it if it were not the evil that is brown.


can somebody explain?


I love Esperanto. :slight_smile:

err… estas… mi… something… I don’t know. I can’t speak it, but I love it.


ohhohoho! AWESOME! Learnu is the best! Dunno if want though… maybe if it WAS in Esperanto.


lol joke language


Was really hoping for an artsy shirt tonight! Not another text shirt.

Nothing on any woot sites tonight! G’night!


I’d buy it if I could comprehend it.



Anyone else sick of “text-only” shirts?

Great! You have an idea. Now, don’t just write it down… draw something, or be creative somehow. This shirt is lame.


Esperanto isn’t Spanglish.


how do you say lame ugly doodoo colored shirt in esperanto?



Insert long, ugly link here
Saluton = (saluti = to salute, greet)
kaj = and
bonvenon = bonvenon
La = the
persono = person; personality
kiu = who, which
komprenas = (kompreni = to understand)
nenion = (nenio = nothing)
diras = (diri = to say, tell)
Gxi = it
estas = is, are
laux = according to
mi = I, me
Greko = Greko
Sed = but
kio = what (thing)
pri = concerning, about
tiuj = (tiu = that (one))
kiu = who, which
komprenas = (kompreni = to understand)
cxion = (cxio = everything)
Kion = (kio = what (thing))
ili = they, them
diras = (diri = to say, tell)
Cxi = (cxe = at)
tiu = that (one)
cxemizo = shirt
proponas = (proponi = to propose, offer, suggest)
respondon = (respondi = to reply, answer)
Malfelicxe = Malfelicxe
gxi = it
ne = no, not
verkita = written, composed
en = in (prep)
la = the
internacia = international
lingvo = language
Kaj = and
ni = we, us
vidas = (vidi = to see)
ne = no, not
verdan = (verda = green)
stelon = (stelo = star)
la = the
simbolo = simbolo
internacia = international
de = of, from, by
Esperanto = Esperanto
Efektive = (efektiva = real, actual)
ni = we, us
suspektas = (suspekti = to suspect)
ke = ke
la = the
designisto = designisto
konas = (koni = to know (be acquainted with))
nenion = (nenio = nothing)
pri = concerning, about
la = the
vivo = (vivi = to live)
kaj = and
la = the
verko = work (literary)
de = of, from, by
Zamenhof = Zamenhof
Ho = Ho
ve = (vi = you)
Iel = somehow
gxi = it
estas = is, are
la = the
komika = funny, comic
komprenajxo = (kompreni = to understand)


Hello and welcome! The person which understands nothing says, “Its all Greek to me” but what about those people who understand everything? What they say? This shirt proposes a respond. Unhappily, it not written in the international language. And we see a not green star, the symbol international of Esperanto. In fact, we suspect, that the designisto knows nothing about the life and the work of Zamenhof. Oh woe! Somehow, it is the comic understand-thing

Pretty Bad Translation.

I’ll edit it a bit.

Hello and welcome! The person who knows nothing says,“Its all Greek to me!”, but what about the person who knows everything? What do they say? This shirt has the answer. Sadly, it not written in Esparanto. And we don’t see a green star, the international symbol of Esperanto. In fact, we suspect, that the designer knows nothing about the life and the work of Zamenhof. Oh woe! Somehow, it is the comic understand-thing.

I don’t get the last sentence.

As you see, the shirt is modern twist on the phrase “Its all Greek to me”. Hilarious.

And the condition is “Non-understandable”, and the shirt title is “Speak My Language”


Esperanto is an auxiliary language. Took off in popularity for awhile with a movement to make it the backup language of every country in order to increase communication and break down language barriers.

Read more here


an artificial language intended for international use. Based on word roots common to the major European languages.