Parrot Airborne Mini Drones

How can you go wrong with a drone named parrot? I repeat. How can you go wrong with a drone named parrot? Polly want a cracker!!!

Pretty good deal if you want an indoor drone. It is bluetooth control though and range is limited outdoors. If you go out of range it does not shut down and fall…it just sits in place until the battery drains.

Or you walk over to it and nudge it :slight_smile:

I am very impressed with this indoor drone. It’s small and rugged and protects itself from collisions by shutting down the moment it touches something like a wall or a lamp or a cat.

The app is well done also. As far as range goes I haven’t been too far away but it seems decent enough to have fun indoors.

It has a low battery alarm and will land if the battery get’s too low.

Fun drone to play with. The camera is useless. Don’t expect more then 10 minutes of battery life. I say that’s the only drawback. Not bad deal though for the Woot! price

Short battery life on all these little dudes. I have several Hubspan drones for I door and outdoor. 200ft up is easy. Range wouldn’t be great with Bluetooth. But could be fun for indoor night flights.

First unit arrived and needed a firmware update, but the update failed to install no matter how many times (13 to be precise) I tried. After four short flights, on the fifth two of the rotors stopped spinning suddenly and the unit crashed and broke apart. Managed to get about 10 total minutes of flight time out of the device (after recharging the battery twice).

Submitted a warranty claim and two weeks later, a replacement arrived. Out of the box, on the first takeoff, the unit – which is supposed to hover at about 3 feet on takeoff – instead accelerated at full speed about 10 feet straight into a ceiling.

This unit also needed a firmware update, which failed on the first six tries. On the seventh, it worked – but it took FIVE HOURS for the update to transfer from the phone to the drone and install.

First flight after the firmware update? It took off and then, without my touching any buttons in the app, it tilted forward and accelerated at full speed straight into a wall. Second time in seven flights it accelerated out of control after takeoff and hit something.

As long as you fly it outside with no one around, don’t actually plan to take pictures with it or fly for more than four minutes, and you don’t care about updating the software, you should be fine.

Mine has been acting screwy. Haven’t checked the firmware but the battery life is awful, and the dang thing keeps landing itself from a hover…I am baffled why.

I will check the firmware. When I fired it up, it didn’t ask for a firmware update.