Parrot Airborne Mini Drones

OK, from what I’m seeing, these drones have a “LEGO” interface?

Or, some other method of attaching “Minifigures” of some other kind.

Want to take us out of the dark, and name the interface?


I got one of these before Christmas. I flew it once after getting the app all setup. The flight lasted a total of 6 seconds. One of the motors would not turn off. Research showed it is a common problem that is related to not the motor, but the electronics. I spent about 2 days trying to get it working, way more than 6 seconds. I’m wrestling with going through the aggravation of sending it back or not. For $20, I don’t know if I want to bother. I wouldn’t get one again, quality seemed poor for this level of product.

It’s just a “brink” on the top:

What a disaster!

A ny available?

I purchased a Parrot Mambo through WOOT at the end of last year.
It flew great for about 2 months and has since started shutting down mid flight.
I won’t be trying another parrot product