Parrot Anafi Drone Extended

Parrot Anafi Drone Extended

Is the only Difference between this and the base drone a case? The regular Anafi Extended ships with 3 batteries, this one says it only ships with 1. Is the $150 dollars extra really just for a Parrot case??? I thought that you could buy the case alone for $90-$100… just curious.

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Hi! From the vendor: The Anafi and the Anafi Extended has the same drone and controller version, and the same battery. Only difference is, with the Extended pack you get 2 extra USB-C cables, 2 months access to the Adobe Creative Suite Cloud and a Tailor-made travel bag.

I’ve asked our product team to update the product listings to make this more clear. Sorry for the confusion!

It looks the regular drone comes with a bag/case as well, so this is just a couple usb-c cables and 2-months of cloud based software. I don’t know what the software is worth for 2 months, but usb-c cables are maybe a couple bucks a piece. I’d rather spend the additional money on more flight time by buying more batteries.

Is it supposed to be registered for use since it’s above the 250g weight threshold?
Is it comparable to the DJI Mini 2 in range and video quality?