Parrot AR Drone 2.0 Elite Edition

I’ve had quite a few drones from toys to prosumer level drones and this was one of the worst ones i’ve ever owned. Fly offs are extremely common. And if there is any wind at all forget about flying this. The response from your inputs on a phone control is so sluggish it’s like the drone is drunk. Ide say if you have a very large indoor place to fly it and its for a kid then it might make a good toy at this price but don’t get this if you are getting into drones for the first time or are looking to fly outdoors.

Would you have a recommendation for a decent, but affordable, drone to start with? My kid has been interested in one for a while.

Try either a UDI U818A HD+ or a Ryze Tello. Both come in around $100, the Tello seems slightly more friendly to fly but has a very short range. The UDi is excellent, has a nice camera, but is a bit tricker to fly.