Parrot AR Drone 2.0 Power Edition

Hi, what’s the range on this?

Nevermind, i see its 165 feet.

Purchased one last year from Woot. Is very stable even without GPS option. Has 2 cameras, one forward looking and the other downward looking which is mainly used to maintain position and is fairly low resolution. Range per Parrot spec’s is about 50 meters. You can increase that considerably by using a WIFI range extender. The one I use with it is a Weton Mini Wi-Fi Extender Dual Band USB Adapter. Setup was extremely easy. Just use a USB power bank to plug it into. You should be able to use the range extender with most WIFI drones that use a smart phone or tablet for control. My flight times were around 10 minutes with the Parrot battery.

Why doesn’t the pilot in the picture use the drone cameras to see he has dropped a deuce in his pants? Isn’t that the purpose of a drone, to check your backside for errors?

And no… it still doesn’t mean you are a true pilot!

Are you burning up data to control this with smart phone?

It has its own wi-fi network that you pair with on your phone, so no internet is involved. Also, you’d want phone calls to go to voicemail during flight - the caller can wait 10 minutes for a return call from you.

Why? The same reason lots of people legally purchase firearms from non-FFL’s to avoid the firearm being connected to them on paper in any way. “We are from the government and we are here to help.” Absolutely terrifying words.

I’ll stick with the sub1/2 pound drones, thanks. I have one of the little Parrot Swing drone that is very entertaining.

OK. Got the drone. Looks like old shelf stock. Never been used. Big problem: both batteries are dead. Researched the site and found many comments about old dead batteries. Anybody else run into this?

Sorry about that. Contact Parrot and they’ll take care of you.

Received mine yesterday. It’s fun to control, but after a while you’ll want to increase the default limits in preferences.
Mine doesn’t seem to have the Outdoor Hull, so I have to fly it with the big foam “rings” attached. The picture shows it flying with the outdoor hull, so I’m wondering if that was supposed to come with this model. Any idea, woot gods?

Mine came with the outdoor hull off to one side in the packaging, go back to the packaging and look again, just to make sure.

This thing can be made to run the Open Source “Paparazzi” advanced navigation software. You can get a cheap Ublox GPS on eBay and hack a connector, rather than the “flight recorder” accessory. The Ublox is more precise than the much more expensive flight recorder’s GPS. But it might only work with the Paparazzi software.

Both of my batteries worked.

I received mine yesterday, but only included 1 1500mah battery. Am I correct that it should have 2 1500mah batteries included?


Yes, it should have two batteries. make sure one isn’t already installed in the drone.

If not, Parrot should be able to send you the missing battery.

If not, please use the Woot Customer Service form for assistance.

Received mine on Thursday. It will not take off! It just skips around on the floor. After doing some research I found out it is a know issue. Hopefully a reset will fix it.

SO FAR, both are uncontrollable. Not sure why neither one that I bought responds to the smart-fone ap. Not too impressed at this point…

same here, I bought 2, both are uncontrollable, they are all over the place. They move a foot or two then stop. Then crash, you can’t control them with the ap. Not impressed.

I may return them both.