Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 Wi-Fi Quadricopter

Hey look a shooting target.

Oooooh, Woot, you tease me!

I wanted a DJI Phantom Quadcopter, but on my budget I may just have to settle for a Parrot Drone.

Any chance this can handle a mounted go pro?

Why would you need a GoPro when it has a hi def camera on board?

I have a question though. How long will this fly on a single charged battery?

Because, at under $200, I highly doubt the camera is any better than a smartphone. And I know it can’t do 4k

What is the range on this baby? Hellfire missiles sold separately?

I read a review that says 36 minutes, which sounds pretty good. I really want a Phantom, but haven’t been able to stomach the price.

New at Bed, Bath and beyond for $10 more.

My understanding is that only the DJI Phantom 2 and larger quadcopters can handle anything the size of a GoPro.

I read a review on Amazon that says only 8 to 12 minutes on a 90 minute charge.

Amazon Reviews

And no to the Go Pro

12 minutes / 165 foot range


I believe that that one is an earlier model without an HD camera. The listing doesn’t specify 2.0.

pretty sure I saw these in store at Fry’s for $99 a few days ago

I guess that would be in the “Beyond” category then?

That says nothing about it being a 2.0, with 720p 30fps recording…no model number listed on BBB either.

The one at Bed, Bath, and Beyond is a version 1.0 - you can tell by the body style. Definitely not worth the price BB&B is selling to for!

Wow! That drone looks great flying around the desert on an empty stretch of road. Too bad I’m surrounded by trees.

I purchased this and it flies really easily; HOWEVER, the range really sucks since it runs based on the wifi signal it creates. Unless you are in the middle of a field and have a really good wifi receiving mobile phone or tablet, you will be disappointed with the range. I am in the process of purchasing a wifi extender, which will only help a bit, but also needs to be powered by an outlet or rewired to attach to a battery.

If I had to do it again, I wouldn’t buy this.