Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 Wi-Fi Quadricopter

Bought one from Woot. Came DOA, as in couldn’t charge a battery. Worked with Parrot support, they sent me another charger. Turns out it wasn’t the charger but rather a battery. When I’ve contacted them again, with multiple emails that the replacement charger didn’t work they have yet to respond about the battery being bad. I bought a battery from Amazon and everything works. but I had to invest more money to make it work. refurbished my foot. They obviously didn’t test anything.

It requires an iphone or android device. No controller.

I have not seen any other method for controlling these things. There are 60 to 90 dollar pads out there, but frankly, unless you own an android or iPhone, it IS an extra expense. I JUST checked their web site, and it is possible I missed something. Also, someone called this unit outdated. While it is true they have added firmware to the unit, it is still technically the AR Drone 2.0.
Just comes in different colors. Maybe they will release a loadable firmware. Doubtful, but if it can be programmed, it can be reprogrammed.

I love my parrot. It is a hobby device that by it’s nature will break and require maintenance. The fact that it can fly at all blows my mind. I have had some nasty crashes and have not had to replace anything yet, although I will probably swap out the propellers soon. It is limited on range because it runs on a WiFi signal. For a new user I think this is the best overall value. If you are thinking of upgrading to something more substantial like I am, I also think this is a great learner device to suffer your mistakes on before you spend big money. In addition it takes very decent pictures and videos.

If you have any Android device that supports OTG, you can easily connect a PS3 controller to it, use AR.Pro software (Like, $4.00 from the market) and use the PS3 controller entirely, while still being able to see the screen for the camera. There is a universal mount made for cell phone/PS3 controller use called Gameklip. Super cheap and rounds out this drone perfectly. I love mine!

Does this support FPV?

so, you fly this via wifi. so you have to be close to a wifi connection right? I see youtube vids of people flying in open fields in the country side, one in the desert on a roadway. how is that possible?

Got my shipping notification. Waited by the door for my Parrot to arrive. The package was for a different woot order. Dissapointmentville: population this guy. I guess I’ll have to wait a little longer to fly.

In the default mode, the drone IS the wifi hotspot and you connect your phone / tablet to the Parrot directly. This obviously limits the flight distance to however far away your little iPad can push a wifi signal (not far). Lots of people will do the router mod in order to increase flight distance.

And how. That’s sort of the whole reason that this requires an iDevice or Android device to fly. For this price point, that’s the only way to get decent FPV (unless you’re looking at those little Hubsan quads).

Just got mine yesterday. So far I’ve crashed it into the roof of the garage, flown it into some walls (buzzing material out of the indoor hull in the process) and drained the battery 6 times.

I was weary about buying after having read the horror stories of some people’s refurbs. While I don’t discount those stories, I can say that, at least in my case, the product was indistinguishable from a new item. The hulls looked to be new, as well as the rotors and gears. In truth, I’m not sure how much of mine wasn’t new. I even got to peel plastic off of most of the parts.

General gripes: The range between the parrot and my iPad mini is pretty bad. Think 25 feet before losing video. I’m planning on at least doing the router mod in order to get some extra range, though I’m not brave enough to let it go too high yet.

TLDR This is an awesome toy, and is even more awesome at the impulse-buy price seen here.

Unfortunately, these aren’t “factory reconditioned” as described in the listing. This my first Woot purchase where the item arrived USED, opened, with nicks in the rotors and a chunks of foam missing from the practice cover. If Parrot reconditioned this item, they didn’t do much. Contacted Woot and received a stern “Sorry, we don’t do returns” email. I’ve purchased a few items from Woot, and I’ve begun to notice the gap between their description and what you actually receive growing wider and wider. This is my last Woot purchase. I could’ve have easily purchase a refurb elsewhere for a few bucks more that would have included a return policy. Woot has essentially become an online garage sale. Thankfully, I haven’t spent much with them over the past year and guess can see a silver lining in that I disnt lose too much cash on this purchase. Proceed with caution (or simply close your account, as they’re pricing isn’t astonishing by any measure). I found the exact same item from an Amazon Marketplace vendor that offered a 30 day return policy, so what could assume they have confidence in the products they’re offering.