Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 Wi-Fi Quadricopter

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Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 Wi-Fi Quadricopter
Price: $179.99
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Comments from when I bought it last time on woot:

It is fun – and not hard to glue back together after a couple of rather severe impacts with the ground and a house that jumped out in front of it.

These things are under $200 now? No wonder so many schmucks put them in the air and fly them around airports and bridges like they just don’t care.

Damn jumpy houses

I can’t say much about this drone but the ones Parrot had at CES were really cool. The Bebop, Sumo (land based but they jump), and the mini drones.

Here is one of the 2 routines they choregraphed for CES

Not relevant to the conversation to start.

Looked back seeing the wootoff was over, had kind of forgot it was going on but decided to look at when the ol’ Band of Clarinets was offered.

Proceeded to die a little inside knowing that, if I didn’t get one with all the recent offerings, I will probably never get one…

I have several of these, they are really fun to play with, while the officially supported software to control them is through ipad and android, they have PC software called QGroundControl which you can use regular joysticks, or actually try to write programs to control them. They are relatively easy to maintenance compared to some of the other flying toys, and amazingly fault tolerant, if you get scared you can just let go. Just dont get cocky outside, these are very light and anything more wind then a light breeze blow these things off course.

what is the range from controller to drone?

about 165 feet away -
but lots of features are not functional -
go here to amazon for comments:

I had one of these for a while before I bought a bigger DJI drone. They are a lot of fun but controlling them off of an iPad/iPhone really limits your range. There are ways you can extend it but I didn’t care about the FPS part of it.

Search for MacGyver Mod for this thing and it gives you a real RC controller that you can use with it instead of iPhone/iPad. Range is greatly extended and you can still record.

Fun toy, nothing else. I actually just use the thing now for chasing turkeys out of my yard.“turkey chaser 2000”. Turkeys HATE the thing.

the camera points out at front of the unit, so it’s good for navigating, kind of(slow), but it doesnt’ get any video of the ground. The straight down camera is horrible.
Every once in awhile i fly it along my solar array on my roof, just to look.
you will crash it, might as well watch tutorials on how to replace the cross member, they should be modular, but you have to dissassemble the whole thing.
Very limited battery life, 10 mins of flight. twice I’ve had the thing fly off on me, if it’s receiving the “up” command when contact drops out…it just keeps going up. Eventually some emergency mode kicks in that brings it back down.
What’s funny is, I don’t use it often, have the occasional emergency landing, don’t look at the video much…but I still find myself looking at another drone in the $3k range.

Anyone have any thoughts on this compared to the UDI U818A 2.4GHz 4 CH 6 Axis Gyro RC Quadcopter Its half the price new and has pretty good reviews.
I’m curious as to comparable run times, charge time, and range and of course, reliability.

you’ll never get one. I’ve been on woot for 8 years and I’ve never gotten one. I’ve gotten them to my cart several times, but by the time I complete the sale it says “sorry!”.
I resigned myself years ago to the fact that there are woot-ers who can manipulate the site through multiple accounts or web utilities that actually scan for BsofC. there are apps available that alert to bag of crrap, but I don’t know how responsive they are.
finally, you’re competing with people who want these things so badly that they’ll just sit refresh a woot page a thousand times a day.
One wooter was on the boards a while ago saying he got his fourth boc…I’m sure there are more successful BOC snipers out there.

Did she say this drone can go only up to 19 feet up? That is very low.

Would you recommend this for home roof inspection? My 3 story house has roof with no access from attic and I was curious how its surface doing after few years of use.

Any other drone models you can recommend with altitude range of 30 feet or more with HD camera on belly?

Does this come with a controller of some sort, or do you need a smart phone or wireless iPad type of device to use it?

the software you use to fly this has built in limiters with slider bars to adjust things like altitude turn rate and speed. It may be they just didn’t make any adjustment. There are pre-sets for flying indoors versus outdoors as well. Yes it can go higher than 19 feet.