Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 Wi-Fi Quadricopter

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Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 Wi-Fi Quadricopter
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Comments/Discussion from a previous offer

Is this legal to fly in National Parks or near the White House?

Check out the product page

PARROT SA has terrible customer service. Did a rope-a-dope on a bad battery.

$169 last time it was on Woot. W-TH! These things are available everywhere evidently so waiting for a better price might be prudent.

Agreed on their customer service. Their Android app for the drone I have hasn’t been updated in months, doesn’t work properly with Android 5.0+, and they haven’t responded to emails requesting support.

I bought an original one back in the day for full price. The day the 2.0 came out they took offline everything about the 1.0 and wouldn’t help you at all. Very poor customer service, wouldn’t buy anything from them again. If you do, assume you’re on your own.

TL;DR: Bought a Parrot 1.0 for use with my Android phone, would not buy again.

I bought a Parrot 1.0 here on Woot maybe a year or two back. They say it works with any smart phone or tablet (iPhone, iPad, Android, etc) but the reality is that like 95% of their documentation, website, and support is for apple products. I tried to get it to work using the tiny bit of documentation and some processes other users suggested on the forums, never got it to work. It still sits on my shelf, unflown. Never heard from customer support either.
I was able to attach to the wifi and telnet into the Linux server, so I know that much of it was working, I just never got the flight GUI to connect. So effectively I own a Linux server with a fancy case that looks like a quad-copter.
I would hope they’ve increased their support for Android (and even Windows, etc) in the 2.0 model, but I’m not going to buy one to find out.

Got one of these the last time and it’s been great. It’s worth getting a pair of aftermarket larger capacity batteries. This way you have a more flying time and can easily swap in another.

Is this capable of flying high enough to clear the fences at the White House? LOL!!!

This looks just like the one that they arrested the guy yesterday for flying on the white house lawn!

fun toy, but if you think you’re going to be even slightly hobby-interested in this just save your money and get a better unit.
I flew mine in and around the house with the “indoor” body on it which protects the rotors. I flew it outside once with the indoor body on, then switched to the outdoor, immediately crashed and broke an arm. repair was an interesting excercise, do doable for someone handy.
The drone camera faces forward, this is not useful. this unit gets hard to control in light winds and the range give you kind of a fit sometimes. I lost communication during the “up” command…the unit flew to I would guess, about 150 ft before whatever emergency software built into it recognized it was time to return. I have heard stories of these units just disappearing.
I have dozens of wild turkeys on my property at times, the drone is primarily used now for chasing them away. They actually scatter when they hear the rotors, but high speed low altitude runs are still entertaining.
fun toy

DO not fly it near the White House. Another idjit got in trouble yesterday flying one around Lafayette Park, which is already chock full of interesting characters.

HAHA, not anymore!

This particular “Drone” is controlled by an iphone or android. They communicate through a wireless device built into the Parrot. This unfortunately leaves the device with a very limited range compared to other devices (especially if you are in an area saturated with signal). The standard battery doesn’t last for that long. If I remember it averaged about 15 minutes.

Here is a review from TESTED

There was someone who “Hacked” the drone and created a Java Script interface so you can connect your laptop to the wifi transmitted by the drone and then code what you wanted it to do. Here is a website associated with that.

Bought one of these from Woot a few years ago. It seemed to work but later I was not sure. Some days it seemed to work, other days it did not. I bought extra batteries, a router to boost the wifi signal, antennas for the router and then finally an RC unit to control the Parrot. It still never worked very well. About 4 months ago I bit the bullet and bought a DJI Phantom. Difference was night and day! Now I knew how comfortable flying a UAV should be. About 3 weeks ago I picked up the new Phantom 3. The 1080 camera version can be had for $1000 and flies out 1.2 miles (vs the 300’ range on this Parrot).

I’d recommend against buying the Parrot. If you were thinking about buying it then you just want something you can play around with. There are much better and newer UAV’s on the market that are better and come with some kind of support. These Parrots are older tech with no support. I’d say a correct value on them is about $75, perhaps $100.

I already have a 2.0 and it is a nice toy. What I really want is one of these:


My luck though is I would forget to turn it on before throwing it off the bridge.

I’ve got one of these! Here’s the first video I shot with it: [youtube=sIVMzjERmPA][/youtube]