Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 Wi-Fi Quadricopter

It says it comes with indoor and outdoor hulls. Does that mean it comes with the guards that go around the rotors? I wouldn’t consider getting this unless it comes with that cloverleaf guard for the blades.

My wife got me one of these last Christmas. It’s cool but going above the treeline (aka in wind) can really F this thing’s flight pattern up. It’s fun and all, but I really dislike the touch screen controls. I wish they sold an optional physical controller for it. Otherwise, it’s a fun summer party type of thing. The camera quality is pretty garbage. I feel bad buying a better unit because my wife bought the 2.0 for me. Oh well, I guess my guilt keeps me from spending $1-2k on a “better” one. Overall, as others have said, a fun toy.

I have the Parrot AR 1.0. I like the drone a lot, but the control only with a touch device (iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet) is not enjoyable. I bought a conversion kit to use a traditional R/C dual stick transmitter. MUCH better now. So if you have experience with traditional R/C planes or helicopters, you will most likely end up wanting to convert, and spend an extra $100 on a transmitter and interface unit to convert. Other quads out there that come with transmitter for that price or less…

An important note for anyone who lives on the coast, or really near any large body of water, these things use height sensing tech to gauge altitude that seriously gets messed up around moving water, so much so that it becomes unusable over anything other than a glassy calm lake, and ocean waves basically cause this thing to take a dive. Otherwise, its a lot of fun!

I have a new power edition that I got off Ebay for $195 shipped. I just saw this one sell for $135 yesterday.
Woot you can do better

Yes. Both bodies are in the box.

If you plan to do anything more that just play a bit and then set it aside, do yourself a favor and get a DJI drone. This one is just far too limiting and you will get frustrated wit it very quickly! And yes, CS is non-existent with Parrot!

cheesecake factory huh?
must be from Seattle where the convention center is within view of the cheesecake factory xD

Does any parrot battery work for this drone or what battery does it take because wanted to buy extras thanks

I bought one of these awhile back from Woot. The battery goes from 100% to 14% in about 5 seconds. Then I’ve got about 1-2 minutes of battery life.

The controls are terrible as to be expected since its phone/tablet controlled. I would much rather have a physical controller.

Otherwise it works good.

Just got mine today and took it out for its maiden voyage. It went…well…I’ll let you see for yourselves…

I think i got one of these a week ago, at $300?

Factory refurbished, came to me looking like CRAP. beat up, missing parts, some parts held up by tape.

I think i wasn’t happy with a single one of my very few woot orders (other than the tshirts) but at $300 this is ridiculous. What do i do?

If your order appears damaged, please email into and let them know what has happened. They’ll be happy to help answer any questions or concerns you have about your purchase.