Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 Wi-Fi Quadricopter

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Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 Wi-Fi Quadricopter
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I’m sure I’m missing something obvious, but how does one purchase the version with the protective guards around the propellers?

The machine comes with two shells: an inside shell, with foam rings around the propellers, and an outside shell, which is just a body. I used the inside shell all the time because you will, without fail, bam it into something.

I bought one of these a while ago and it is actually pretty cool. The control with the iPhone is pretty intuitive and you have a real time view of what the camera sees. It has a lot of adjustments you can make to the controls to make handling it easier. It can also climb pretty high and fast.
There are four problems with it however. One is that apparently the iPhone wifi is not too good and will sometimes lose connection even when the drone is pretty close.
It also has problems in gusty winds.
The downward-facing camera is not very clear. The front facing camera looks straight out, but can be easily adjusted to point slightly down (cut away some foam and tape it down, see videos on YouTube).
Finally, it is difficult to fly drones anyplace interesting. They are becoming illegal in many parks and over property that isn’t yours. So the use of them is limited.

Everyone has different interests, but it’s hardly ‘difficult’ to find places to fly it. Everything within reason, as the saying goes, so choose your flying areas responsibly.

I picked one of these up in a past Woot and it’s been great fun. One tip, order some extra 3rd party larger capacity batteries, that way you can swap them out and keep the flying going a bit longer. It’s easy to swap them.

I don’t use any iOS devices. I’ve controlled mine with various Android devices without any troubles (nexus 7, droid 4, moto x, samsung s6, etc). All of them have keep a reliable wifi connection with the drone the entire time it’s been in reasonable line-of-sight distances.

All drones have issues with wind gusts, the Parrot does a pretty decent job of keeping itself in control. But it’s a good idea to fly when there’s calm weather.

Yes, the camera quality pales in comparison to what you can get on a phone these days. It’s decent enough for most uses.

Controlling it is incredibly simple. Even neighborhood kids grasp how to fly it with only 2-3 minutes of instruction. It’s MUCH easier than old-school joystick controlled 'copters.

Can anyone give a ballpark guess on how far away this thing can fly and still have connection with your android (Samsung S6) device? 50yrds? 100yrds?

Fine, I’ll buy one…

I got one of these on a previous Woot as well.

My thoughts - a great starter drone. It definitely sparked the passion for me. It isn’t the easiest to fly, though. With the virtual controls on an iPhone or iPad, it’s easy to overcompensate when you’re trying to fine tune your flight and cause it to lose control and crash. Also, the foam body being as light as it is, doesn’t hold up well in anything stronger than a light breeze. But it’s pretty resilient to abuse.

After a few months, I upgraded to a DJI Phantom 2, which I absolutely love. Much, much easier to fly. Exponentially more stable, but also considerably more delicate. If you hardcore crash the Phantom, you just made a couple hundred dollars worth of wreckage.

So, again, the Parrot is a really good starter drone. You WILL crash it, but it holds up pretty well to crashes.

Recommended for starters.

I take it this drone does not have a GPS and therefore does not have “return home” modes and other advanced features. Is that correct?

anyone know how much flight time you get with the battery?

Stock gives like 10 mins max, seriously these drones have been around since like 12-13. You can get far better batt packs on eBay.

Hello Guys!
Im new here and i would like to share with you my experience with the ONAGOfly. This is my first drone and its AMAZING.
Its like and iPhone flying. The resolution of the camera is really good. Also the drone has a system do avoid obstacle and its not heavy. Not at all.
The drone is really cheap and i guess it`s good option for who wants to but for the first time a drone.