Parrot Bebop 2 Quadcopter Drone

Does the Bebop as listed on Woot include the Sky Controller?

Surely this comes with a battery? Not mentioned in the description.

I’ve had a Bebop 2 for a couple of years now. It does not have the highest video resolution of any drone I own. It is not the fastest of any drone I own. It does not have the longest flight time of any drone I own. However, it is often my favorite drone. It’s reasonably small it flies very steadily the video quality is very good. There are enough bells and whistles to make it fun, but not so many that it’s becomes a distraction from the actual flying. Personally, I don’t like flying drones using a smartphone or tablet and very much prefer a joystick controller. Either the skycontroller one or the skycontroller 2 made by parrot will work with this drone. The software has recently been updated and for a small additional fee you can get flight planning. Please feel free to ask any questions here and I’ll do my best to answer them.

Does it have a battery and a controller included in this price ? Nothing mentioned about these

It has a battery and comes with the charger and cable.

You control it via an app on your phone or tablet. No remote needed.

I’ve had one for a while too, and I agree, the video quality isn’t the highest, but it is serviceable for some uses. It does seem fairly easy to fly, and is pretty responsive. I’ve found that if you tilt the camera view straight down, you get black bars flicking on the edges, and it also seems a bit prone to rolling shutter.

I bought the Skycontroller 2 and it definitely helps in controlling it vs. using just a tablet or phone. You get increased range as well. I think a recent update to the software activated the tracking feature at no cost (it used to be an in-app purchase), and I tried it once in low light and it actually seemed to work well.

Here’s a vid I shot using the Bebop 2 recently, for an example of the quality:

I picked this up last time it was on Woot and I have to say I am happy with the purchase. I already own a DJI Phantom 2 so I wasn’t expecting much from the Bebop, but it really surprised me. It flies stable and the video quality and stability - while not GoPro quality - are still pretty good. The autonomous flight modes (In-app purchase) work well, are fun and easy to use.

I actually fly this now more often than the Phantom because there is less to carry around and it is easier to set up and use.

Here’s a video I made just for kicks to test out the autopilot feature:

What is the warranty on this drone?

Hi there. We list warranties at the bottom of the features. This has a 90-day Tech Rabbit warranty.

How much is the Skycontroller 2?

Can you comment on realistic flight times and whether the lens is able to be tilted down so it’s not always stuck at the horizon (Bebop1 could only look straight out).

I haven’t seen it for sale by itself, and I was lucky enough to buy it in a bundle that was on a promotion, where I got the Skycontroller 2, the FPV goggles and a backpack for $220. I haven’t found it that inexpensively since. Not much help, I’m afraid, but maybe you can do some searching and find a deal on it.

I think 20 minutes is definitely realistic, and a bit more if you are willing to get closer to the battery dying.

For the tilt, I believe you need the Skycontroller, and as far as I know you could do that with the Bebop 1 as well. I don’t think you can pan down with either without a Skycontroller. I did find an issue with panning straight down, which is that black bars show up on the sides. I also found that it does some rolling shutter jello motion when doing a lot of stabilization. Here’s a quick video of the black bars and rolling shutter issue:

is the battery brand new? or a used one?