Parrot Bebop 2 Quadcopter Drone

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Parrot Bebop 2 Quadcopter Drone
Price: $169.99
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Condition: Refurbished


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Opinions from owners of these would beer very appreciated. I am considering one of these as my first non toy (outside the house, flies more than five minutes) drone. A couple of my concerns are that the GPS/ability to follow is a paid addition to the phone ap and the fact that it doesn’t have its own controller. This seems like a pretty good deal, isn’t it?

B&H has this new for 249 and reviews are extremely positive.

I bought one last time they showed up here on woot.
Fantastic purchase.
Amazing drone at an amazing price!
at this price don’t even hesitate for a second.
Get you one!

This does NOT come with Sky COntroller…so you’re using phone wifi to control. That will limit your range. Without the controller these aren’t much better than a much cheaper Chinese clone. If you add the Sky Controller these are much more capable drones…but it’ll cost a lot more.
I’ve seen them, sans controller, for as little as $129 on other clearance sites (those were probably factory 'furbs).

Got mine on Woot. Came without the tool to put the propellers on, but it was easy enough to do without it.

I used to fly ahem entirely line-of-sight ahem using the GPS waypoint program to over a mile away and surveyed parts of my property that are difficult to reach on foot. It did great. It survived a few crashes from my own inexperience as a pilot. But every single one of those crashes would have been fine if I’d had the bumper guards, it was just propellers stopping because they bumped a branch.

Just know what you’re getting. The camera is not…great. It’s not BAD either. It’s a 14MP fisheye processed to 1080p. It results in fairly good image stabilization and versatility, but video also suffers from being slightly washed out and having too much purple fringing. It doesn’t perform the best ever when the sun starts to go down, though it’s acceptable. You can see these on YouTube video reviews and decide for yourself.

The drone is excellent in every other way. Range could be better, but IMO it’s good enough especially with the waypoints. If you want it to be better, get the controller.

No matter what, get the bumper guards.

The price is decent, but being a refurbished and without a controller ($80)…I’d head over the B&H today for their daily deal. $250 for a new one with the controller. Better range and easier to fly.

I check Woot & B&H daily for things that I don’t have but didn’t know I needed until I saw them. This is the first time they had the same item. Hmmmm.

I enjoy flying my Bebop and recommend them to people looking for an inexpensive beginner/intermediate quad to fly.
I have two of these quads and mostly agree with the comments above. Mine fly for about 18 minutes each on the 2700mah battery. As far as outside flying, I stop flying mine when the winds goes above 15ish-mph, the quad could handle more, I just don’t enjoy flying then.
While I agree the video is not as good as DJI, in video mode (not sport, fast flying mode) I have no complaints about the video.
If you do buy this, you will need to pick up a Skycontroler (1 or 2) to get maximum enjoyment out of it though.
At this price, the battery and motors almost make it worth buying as a parts bird for repairing your other Bebop after a crash(s).

Also the follow me and way point planning are add on features to the app, so if you buy them once and stay in the Bebop ecosystem, you will have them for life.

Thanks for pointing out that these features require buying apps and whatnot. Seems the money-suck never ends, since I’m sure they’ll sunset the app, rename it, whatever, and make you buy it again, or will simply stop supporting it.

I’ve got 2 of these bad boys. It’s the perfect first drone… easy to fly, easy to land. With the Skycontroller 2 I bought my range is as advertised, about 1.5 miles. Phone range varies by phone model, my Note 4 is good to about 600 meters. Flying out of range? No problem as return to home mode kicks in and it ends up hovering within 10 feet of where it launched from without you touching a single control.

$4.99 buys AR.Pro3, an alternative controller program that was developed within the Parrot community and is well supported. No add-ons to buy, and more control for drone/camera settings than the official Parrot software.

Got mine. Got it charged up and took it out to try it. Followed setup and and flight tutorials. Ran calibration on it twice.

As soon as it starts takeoff, it gets about 1 inch from the ground, lists, then flips on its back. So pissed. This is a birthday gift for my daughter.

Hi there. I’m very sorry. You can check with Tech Rabbit for ideas to resolve.

If all else fails, please use the Woot Customer Service form for assistance.

Mine did the same thing. Pressed the take off button and it flips forward and to the left scratching and bending 2 propellers and broke a landing foot off. Went to try the backup propellers after calibrating again and 1 was impossible to attach because the motor has a post in the middle and the center of the backup propellers are solid caps. The first set have a hole in the middle. I could drill it but worry it will not be stable if uneven.

If you still have it, I figured out something. The front left and rear right, if you have the camera pointing off the same direction you’re looking, have to be propellers with solid centers. Front drivers side and rear passenger in car terms. See the 3rd product picture. Top view. It’s possible to put open centers anywhere but the capped centers will only go here. This wasn’t possible with mine because all of the black propellers had open centers. I bought a replacement set which are correct and now it flies.
It being so important I would expect it to be in the directions not to use open centers where they don’t go but here we are. :[