Parrot Bebop 2 Quadcopter Drone

Parrot Bebop 2 Quadcopter Drone

I own one of these and it’s not a bad drone, but it does have its limitations. With this item, you will need to use a phone or tablet to control it, which limits the range, and also means you’re using a touch screen for the controls, which is not very tactile and is a little more difficult to be precise with it.

A controller (called Skycontroller) was available and can be found on ebay if not new, and an FPV kit as well, but by the time you buy all that, you’re paying about the same as a DJI Mavic Mini, which is new and has other advantages. The biggest being video quality - I found the video quality on the Bebop 2 to just be OK, it’s a little soft, and doesn’t expose the image well.

A Mavic Mini is $400 new, includes a controller, is smaller and easier to carry, has a better camera (2.7K), better image control options, longer flight time, uses a micro SD card for recording video (the Bebop 2 uses built-in memory, which is limiting and requires that you connect the drone to a PC to retrieve the video), and replacement parts and accessories are more easily found for the Mavic Mini.

If you’re looking for a drone to tinker with, and don’t want to spend more than $150, the Bebop 2 is easy to fly and play with, so it might be a good first drone, but if you’re looking to do a little more video work, it may not meet all of your needs.


I started flying quads with the Parrot BeBop 2 several years ago and now only fly the Mavic series. I agree with everything said in kcartwright’s post.

You can use a Bluetooth game controller with the Parrot App to fly it.

But you’re still limited to the private WiFi connection between your phone and device.