Parrot Bebop Quadcopter Drone - Red

In order to get the drone working with current apps, I had to update the firmware. The docs I found said that it could be done with a microUSB to female USB-A connector and a flash drive. I didn’t have one, but I happened upon these instructions ( using the latest firmware (

-Telnet into bebop
-FTP into bebop, and drop the update into internal_000 folder
-Type this into the terminal and hit enter: /bin/updater/ /data/ftp/internal_000
-You should see this:
/ # /bin/updater/ /data/ftp/internal_000
[FIRMWARE UPDATER] Boot # : Scanning /data/ftp/internal_000 for updates …
Testing /data/ftp/internal_000/updater_payload.plf
PLF:1.32.0 VER:1.31.0
[FIRMWARE UPDATER] Boot # : Sending /data/ftp/internal_000/updater_payload.plf to the Update partition
/ #
-Type reboot.
-Wait, the drone will boot, and after 20 seconds it will go into update mode (orange LED).
-Wait for the update to finish, and you are done!

Phew. Good job tracking that down!